A Valentines Heart for You

February 14, 2018

Here is a beautiful open Valentine's Heart for you. It is a free pattern.

Valentines Heart - crochet pattern

Use it for decoration or as a bookmark.

This pattern should work for beginners as well as experienced crocheters.

Find a yarn and choose a hook a bit small, so you can crochet somewhat tight, without hurting yourself. I recommend using a slightly thinner yarn, than what I have used - or at least not a heavier one.

I used hook size 3mm (US: C/2-D/3, UK 11) and yarn Lane Cervinia Sicilia, which is 123.4m/50gr (135yrd/1.76oz).

Heart Pattern

I like to avoid a visible slip knot at the beginning of a chain row. It is optional, but a nice feature here. If you don't know it, have a look at how to Make an Invisible Slip Knot.

Abbreviations (US terms)
dc = double crochet
YO = yarn over

Chain 30. Join with a ss to form a ring - be careful not to twist the chain row. 

ring of chains - crochet into the back bump

Turn your work, so you can stitch into the back bumps of your chains.
  1. Chain 2.
  2. 2 dc's in the base of the chain-2.
  3. 1dc in each of the next 5 stitches.
  4. 2dc in each of the next 6 stitches (= increasing 6 times)
  5. 1dc.
The middle top of the heart is made over the next 5 chains. It is like a heavy dc increase (or cluster stitch). Be careful the first stitch on the hook stays short and tight. The 3rd chain is skipped, to make the internal heart tip more marked. Like this:
  1. YO, insert hook into next chain, YO and pull through the chain, YO and pull through two loops. You now have one extra loop on the hook.
  2. Repeat line 6, so you have three loops on the hook.
  3. Skip the next chain, repeat line 6, so you have 4 loops on the hook.
  4. Repeat line 6, so you have 5 loops on the hook.
  5. Finalize your cluster/increase with a YO and pull through all 5 stitches.
Special crochet cluster

Do the first lines again, backwards.
  1. 1dc.
  2. 2dc in each of the next 6 stitches (= increasing 6 times)
  3. 1dc in each of the next 5 stitches.
  4. 2 dc's in the same stitch as the chain-2.
Join with a slip stitch.

Optional: Turn the work and do slip stitches all the way for a reinforced and more visible edge. It will help keep the heart in shape.

If you want to add another border - like the one below - do that now, else join with a slip stitch, cut the yarn and pull it through the last loop.

Sew in ends or leave them for sewing together hearts for a bookmark.

Use it as a Bookmark

Sew 3 hearts together. Sew 3-4 stitches together at every sewing, so the hearts don't get twisted. Hand wash them and press out any excess water using a towel. Put them on a flat table and shape them. Let them dry lying flat.

Open Heart - bookmark or decoration

Or make a Romantic Heart with Extra Border

You can add an extra border to the heart if you want a more romantic version for decoration. There are endless possibilities for borders. A suggestion could be:
*chain 3, slip stitch into the front loop of the next stitch*. Repeat from * to * all the way on both sides of the heart.

Add a string for hanging, before you wash it. Hand wash your heart and press out any excess water using a towel. Find a place to hang it, then shape it and let it dry.


I hope you enjoy the pattern sitting on a comfy sofa chair with a hot cup of tea within reach
. Btw, I didn't have this little pattern tested (except by me), so let me know if you find an error or unclear instruction.

Also notice, that you are always more than welcome to share/sell any products you make from my patterns. For further information read about copyright and selling.

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