Tutorial: Tunisian Top Stitch

September 03, 2021

Learn to crochet the Tunisian top stitch - aka bump stitch. It is a VERY easy stitch and the stitch is also very fast to work with. You crochet beautiful scarfs and more with this stitch.

Tunisian Crochet Top Stitch Tutorial

If you are new to Tunisian crochet, this is a great stitch to learn, as it is very different from other Tunisian crochet stitches.

Updated and split into two posts in September 2021. Originally from September 2016.

Tunisian Top Stitch

Choose a yarn and a hook that is at least two sizes bigger than the yarn label suggests. Make a foundation row of just about 10 chains - or cast on if you prefer that. Now you are ready for the first row of Tunisian Crochet Top Stitches.

Forward Pass

You need to locate and hook into the 'bump' from the return passes. It's on top - and maybe a little behind - the vertical strings, we often use in Tunisian crochet. It is very similar to the back bumps of a chain row you use for a traditional foundation row.

Tilt your work a little if it helps to find the right bump.

If your last stitch of the first row got tight, it might be impossible to see or enter the first bump. So, be careful about that.

1. Insert the hook into the first bump, right next to the hook. Yarn-over (yo) and pull through one loop. You now have 2 loops on the hook. (img below)
Top stitch - insert the hook
2. *Insert the hook into a bump, yo, and pull through one loop only.*
Repeat ** till you have all 10 loops on the hook.

Return Pass

3. Left edge: Chain one (pull through one loop only).

4. *Yo and pull through two loops.*
Repeat ** till you have only 1 loop left on the hook.

You are now done with the second row :) Make a couple more rows just for practice.

Finishing Off

You end it like you do on regular crochet. Cut the yarn end and pull it through the last loop on the hook - at the right side of your work.


Tip 1. Leave extra long ends when you start and when you finish. Weaving the ends in and out takes more yarn than other stitches.

Tip 2. When you are doing a back motion, then stretch the work a little with your left hand. This gives your work a more uniform look.

Tip 3. In a return pass: When you need to pull yarn from the yarn ball, then hold on to the first loop with your index finger, so you don't accidentally pull the previous bump too tight.

Make a Scarf

Imagine a scarf made purely with the Tunisian Top Stitch. Great drape, right?!
If you want a little extra, then try the 3 Skein Scarf with the neat color change.

Have fun with it :)

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