Cookies, Marketing and Personal Data


All of this is just to inform you according to the new EU GDPR as up to 15% of the visitors on this site are from the EU.
Nothing important has changed lately though. Minor changes might occure in future, as new tools and new ways of handling all of this show up.

About Cookies

This site uses cookies to see, how many users visit the page, what countries they are from, what pages are of interest and so on. Basically analyzing the traffic on this site.

The site uses Google Analytics and AddThis for the social sharing. AddThis have some kind of traffic analyzing tools too and it is possible that data a saved outside of EU.

The pages with YouTube videos might also place a cookie to analyze visits.

All these data are worked with in an anonymized way, so it will not be possible to identify a specific person from these.

OTHER cookies make your visit here more personal, by making it possible to show you things based on your interests. (see more below).

The site also set a cookie, to help us remember whether you've click the 'I'm OK with This' button at the cookie pop up.

The 123Formbuilder at the contact page sets cookies as part of the whole sending-functionality.

Don't Want Cookies and Milk?

If you don't want cookies, you can turn them off in your browser and you can remove any current cookies as well. How you do that depends on your browser and your device. You can search the internet for more about this.

About Marketing

This site uses ads, banners and affiliate links.

Ads and Banners

The site mainly use Google Ads (Adword). This might place cookies, as it gives you more relevant ads to look at. You may opt out of the use of these cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at

Banners are usually just images with a link - possibly an affiliate link. This is what you see, when you see a banner from

Affiliate Links

It doesn't cost you anything to click an affiliate link, but any of these links may earn advertising fees, that helps paying for this site.

All of the above are ways for companies to be seen and - with a little luck and a lot of effort - a way for bloggers to make a minor income, so you can watch the site content for free.

Personal Data and Privacy Policy


The site collects your email address, when you sign up for the newsletter. It is collected via Feedburner, and the email will only be used for the newsletters. It is - of course - not shared with anyone else.

Any time you want, you can unsubscribe from a newsletter. If you get into problems doing this, contact me and I'll be glad to help.

Contact Form at This Website

The site use the 123Formbuilder Contact Form. It means I get a copy of your message, name and email-address sent to my email. The email will also be saved at 123Formbuilder as a backup. If you would like me to delete your messages, just let me know.