Personal Data and Privacy Policy

I care about your privacy. I also need basic data for analytics and to make the functionality of this website work. See below how it all works.

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If you sign up for the newsletter, your email address is saved at MailerLite. Your email address will only be used for newsletters. It is - of course - not shared with anyone else.

You can unsubscribe any time you want from the link in the newsletter.

Signing up more times with the same email address shouldn't cause any trouble. If it does, pls contact me and I'll sort it out for you.

If your subscription is missing and you want it back, sign up here.

Contact Form

The site uses the 123Formbuilder Contact Form. It means I get a copy of your message, name, and email address sent to my email. The email will also be saved at 123Formbuilder as a backup. If you would like me to delete your messages, just let me know.

You can write to me anonymously too if you want. See the contact page.


Some cookies on this page are needed for the functionality. You can only opt out of these in your browser and you might experience trouble with this page if you do.

Other cookies make your visit here more personal, by making it possible to show you things based on your interests.

This website also uses cookies for analytics to see, how many users visit the page, what countries they are from, what pages are of interest, and so on. For this, the website uses Google Analytics and Piwik Pro. Google Analytics will be removed completely eventually. Piwik Pro is GDPR compliant and takes care of your privacy.

Piwik uses a short-time cookie for every visit to the website. This is deleted after 30 min. If you click the accept button in the cookie popup, Piwik will use a longer-term cookie to see whether visitors are returning. A cookie is also set to remember whether you clicked the Accept button or not.

The pages with YouTube videos might also place a cookie to analyze visits.

Contact Form
The 123Formbuilder at the contact page sets cookies as part of the whole sending functionality.

Google Ads (Adword)
Google Ads may place cookies, as it gives you more relevant ads to look at. You may opt out of the use of these cookies by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at

StoneGome Store
This website uses Payhip as a tool for making crochet patterns available. This can be done in an integrated way or by visiting Both ways will need to store cookies to work.


On this website, you'll find ads, banners, and affiliate links. It's a way for the site to make an income, so you can watch the site content for free - and at no extra cost to you.

Banners and Links
Banners are usually just images with a link - possibly an affiliate link. This is what you see if you see a banner from This website doesn't store any cookies in relation to the affiliate links.

Affiliate Links
It doesn't cost you anything to click an affiliate link, but any of these links may earn advertising fees, which help to pay for this website.

Last update: April 2021