Tunisian Single Hook Cast On

February 06, 2018

What if you want to cast on for your Tunisian project and only have one hook?

Tunisian Crochet Cast On - Single Hook

Here is a way to do that. And this technique might be even easier than the two-hooks casting on.

A couple of days ago I showed how to cast on using TWO hooks. You don't need two hooks. It is possible to just use one hook. The result will not have a noticeable chain look at the bottom. Even though I love the chain look, this alternative way of casting on also has a nice look. So it deserves to be shared too.

I borrowed a knit cast on technique altered it a bit and then got a pretty solution that works for Tunisian crochet. To me, it is easier to cast on with one hook only, though this might just be my personal preference.

Rumors have it, that there are hundreds of knitting cast on techniques, so there is a lot more worth investigating for Tunisian crocheters. Go for it, if you can find the time.


Make sure to make a long yarn tail in the beginning, as you will use this along with the working yarn to make loops.

And again, make the loops even and loose. This way, you don't need to use a bigger hook for the casting-on part.

Slip Knot

Begin with a slip knot on the hook. Hold the working yarn over your (index) finger as usual and keep the tail closest to you.

Cast On 1 slip knot

Cast On Steps

  1. Move the hook behind and under the tail, so you pick up a loop.
Cast On 2 behind and under

  1. Hold on to the bottom of the loops on the hook.
Cast On 2b hold on

  1. Yarn over and pull through one loop.
Cast On 3 yarn over


Cast On 4 done

Repeat the 3 steps to get more loops. When you have enough, use the working yarn as usual to do the return pass of your foundation row.


See the details in the video below and use the images above to remind you later on. The video also shows a couple of samples, so you can compare the chain foundation with the chainless foundation row.

Sum Up

I believe this chainless foundation row technique is incredibly easy and worth knowing. It could save a lot of time on foundation rows. 

  • faster than chains
  • only one hook needed
  • easier - maybe?
  • nice 'elastic'. Maybe a tad more than a foundation row of chains?
  • No nice chain edge
  • you need to guess what length your tail should be. (make and measure a sample before you start a big project.)
  • making a border can come out loose if you forget to insert your hook into at least TWO loops. But you won't forget :)
Make sure, to also see the two-hook cast on technique if you haven't already. It does require two hooks, but it gives you a lovely chain-like edge, that might work better for some projects.

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  1. Thank you so much for this great tutorial! I just started with tunisian crochet and this really helps me out :))


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