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August 23, 2016

StoneGnome Author n Designer I'm Heidi - designer, crafter and blogger at StoneGnome. I design crochet patterns and - occasionally - other types of crafting.

I come from a family of crafters. Dad is a skilled and thorough DIY craftsman and mom used to knit a lot, making beautiful patterns. Being a kid I thought it was too difficult to knit. Then luckily, I fell in love with crocheting. It makes me relax and feeling challenged at the same time. Yay!!

If I remember right, I've always had an urge to change the patterns, I worked on. ....Just a little bit here and there. So eventually I started making my own designs. And later on some of my friends saw, what I did and encouraged me to write down the patterns.

I like simple yet elegant designs. I get inspired by the nature and - of course - other crafters! I'm not fast at crocheting and I always have more ideas in the pipeline than I can actually complete, so I try to work on the best ones. Hopefully I'm picking designs YOU like as well. :)

- - - - -
Oh - Did you wonder about the name StoneGnome? I live in Denmark on the most beautiful Island called Bornholm. Stone Gnome Farm is the old name of the place where we live. Hubby is 6th generation on the farm and though everything here needs a lot of love, tender and care, it is a wonderful place for our kids to grow up.

Heidi aka StoneGnome

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