Crochet (Sea)Grass and Succulents

June 30, 2017

Bymami has this exquisite pattern package with 5 different succulents. I wanted to try one with variegated yarn, and then I made a tuft of (sea)grass as well to create a sea theme. This might be a good way of spending leftover yarn.

Crocheted Sea Grass and Succulents

Get links and patterns here.

Crocheted Seagrass in a Mini Bowl
On Bymami's Superb Succulent page you find a free pattern sample at the bottom of the page. It is for the succulent called Biting Stonecrop. It is one of those patterns, that works up easily and adds mindfulness into your life.

In my case, it added a little too much relaxation to begin with. I was tired and just caught the nearest cotton yarn and hook. I had a good time, but got a very sloppy fellow out of it. I also inserted my hook into the back bumps at the beginning. Don't do that :)

Reading the instructions closer, I should have noticed that a 3.5mm (UC: E, UK: 9) hook was way too large - especially as most of the yarn, I've found, was thinner than what the pattern asks for. So I did it again, this time with a 2.5 mm (US: B/C, UK 13) hook.

Avoid Sewing

I know, I'm bad - I like to avoid sewing. After cutting a yarn end, I found it easiest to find a couple of holes next to the stem, where I could put my yarn end in and out. Then I tied the two loose yarn ends with a knot and with more Biting Stonecrops pieces done, I tied all of them together.

Hotgluing the grass
Now it gets a little fiddly, but I simply made a foot using hot glue. I completely covered the knots, by pressing them down a little with a tooth pick, while adding glue.

(Sea) Grass Tuft Pattern

Crocheted Sea Grass
I made the grass - or water plant if you want - using locked loop stitches in a flat circle. I use my fingers to measure the length of the loops.

If you are not familiar with the stitch, then see the locked loop stitch tutorial.

I followed this pattern:
  1. 6 loop stitches in a magic circle. [6]
  2. 2 loop stitches in each stitch all the way [12]
  3. *1 loop stitch, 2 loop stitches in the same stitch*. Repeat ** all the way [18]
  4. Optional: *1 loop stitch, 1 loop stitch, 2 loop stitches in the same stitch*. Repeat ** all the way [24]
Make a slip stitch and cut the yarn. Yarn over and pull yarn end through all loops. Sew in.
It is optional whether you want to cut the loops or let them be. Locked loop stitches stay put.

Superb Succulent Link

Bymamis Superb Succulent Pattern Package
You will find Bymami's Superb Succulent pattern package here.

The pattern package is available in English and Danish.

Btw: In case you wonder. I asked and got permission to borrow the beautiful image, so you can see, what you can make from her pattern.

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