You Don't Need a Tunisian Crochet Hook

September 08, 2016

You've found this little project on the internet you want to try. It is Tunisian Crochet, so... do you need to buy a special Tunisian Hook for it?

Maybe NOT!

Tunisian Crochet Hook

First time I wanted to do Tunisian crochet projects, I hurried up and bought 3 long Tunisian crochet hooks. You might not need that. It depends.

If your little project is a huge afghan, then yes. Probably. You might need a Tunisian Crochet Hook and you might actually need one with a loooong string in the end - to have room for all the loops on the hook. Though... keep reading!


If you are just creating a scarf or a table runner - or a small/medium sized pillow. Then maybe you don't need to buy a new hook (sorry!). You can use a regular crochet hook. One of those straight ones with no handle. Around 15 cm (6 inches) long.

Like this

Ordinary Crochet Hooks

If you need something to hold on to the loops for you, so they don't fall of the hook, then twist a rubber band around the far end.

DIY Extended Crochet Hook

I recently created a scarf using 10mm hook and a rubber band. I did the Tunisian Top Stitch with a thin mohair yarn and the scarf is 45cm (almost 18 inch) wide. There were plenty of space on the hook. If you consider doing the same with a more dense stitch, then do a test, to be sure it will fit.


Extend you hook with a thick piece of string and a thin tape. Prepare the end of the string with some tape. Then push the hook and the string together and lay another piece of tape on them. Make it diagonally for premium support. Use thin tape to make it possible for the loops to pass the tape. I recommend insulating tape, which is also a little elastic. So it fits everything very well.

DIY Extend a Crochet Hook

DIY Extended Crochet Hook

I have to warn you. The DIY extended crochet hook might work with an afghan as well as a scarf. I'm giving you no guarantee though. An afghan is much heavier than a scarf. So be careful. Don't loose your loops :)

Happy Tunisian Crochet!

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