Make an Invisible Slip Knot

June 15, 2018

You really don't need that little knot in the beginning of your next crochet project. Here is a video showing how to avoid it.

It works with regular crochet as well as Tunisian and it doesn't matter how you like to hook into your starting chain.

Tight or Loose Slip Knot?

How do you start a new project? By making a slip knot and pulling it tight? Hmmm... If you do, try to keep your initial slip knot loose and pretend it being a regular chain. It will safe you from a little knot sticking out everywhere, you don't want it to.

I LOVE keeping the slip knot very loose, so it doesn't end up being a knot and almost gets invisible. Try it. You might too.

Last year I actually wrote a blog post with a photo-tutorial about how to 'Avoid an Ugly Slip Knot'. It had a lot of readers and a lot of shares. And I got positive response from more people that liked this way to start a new project.

Unfortunately, there wasn't any video in that blog post and I know some of you need that. There are also more ways to hook into a starting chain row and I didn't explain that fully. So, now I've made a video that gives you more details.

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Let me know, if something doesn't work for you - or even better - if you LIKE it and wish you had known it always. Then remember to also share this to other crocheters.

If you want to see the photo-tutorial from the first blog post, you can find Avoid an Ugle Slip Knot here.

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  1. Many thanks!I never liked that knot at the beginning of my works. I am pleased with how they look now. :)


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