Heart on Fire Pillow

February 13, 2019

Tomorrow it is Valentine's Day and everyone deserves at least one heart. Here is one for you. 

Big Valentines Day Pillow - Tunisian crochet

The pattern is free for a while. See the details below.

UPDATE (March 2019): The Heart on Fire pattern has been updated. There are TWO pillow hearts in the pattern. See the second heart here.

Give and Get a Heart

Would you like a heart for Valentine's?

Many people feel more lonely around special days. At the times of our lives where we live alone and don't have a special one close to us, we might feel like everyone else is getting chocolate and flowers and hearts. JFYI, being in a relationship doesn't necessarily mean you will get a Valentine's heart. I know some that tend to forget it every year. Sigh. :)

And even if you do get a lot of hearts - or just that most important one - you might still love getting one more, right?

So, what to do about Valentine's? Well, first you might want to think of someone who could use a heart from you. Send him/her one. It will make your friend very happy. Next, be kind to yourself! Chill and do something you like. Treat yourself to something special, like maybe some really nice yarn or a new project to work with.

Buy nice yarn and begin a new crochet project

The Heart on Fire Pillow Pattern

The Heart on Fire is a Tunisian crochet pattern. (See regular crochet patterns further down).

The pattern includes two crocheted pillow versions, a striped version, and one with long color changes. Long-color-changes might sound advanced, but the biggest challenge here is to avoid getting the yarn balls entangled. It's a blending technique you have to try.

There are a few more techniques in the pattern, such as working with 3 strands, a special way of joining the pieces, and how to make an inner pillow, etc. It is all thoroughly explained with photos and text.

working with 3 strands and long color changes

Pattern Links

Read more about the pattern at LoveCrafts and Ravelry. The pattern is free for a while at LoveCrafts. At Ravelry, use the coupon code HEARTONFIRE to get it for free. Please notice, there is a limited amount of free patterns there.

IMPORTANT. Please remember to log in, before you get your copy. The pattern qualifies for a bonus-page, which I hope to add later and you might want to have the update for free too.

Yarn Suggestions

There is a lot of yarn out there suitable for the Heart on Fire pattern. I worked with Mayflower Andes. Always find a yarn with similar yardage, if you want to substitute yarn. These yarn should work well:
Arwetta Classic - Drops Fabel - Kettle Dyed Sock yarn - Affection by Three Bears Yarn - Knit Picks Stroll Tonal - and more sock yarns. (links will lead you to yarn descriptions at Ravelry).

More Hearts

If you want more hearts, take a look at these made with regular crochet stitches.

Crocheted bookmark and ornament heart

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