Free Snowflake Pattern

January 19, 2018

Here is a free snowflake pattern for you, that can bring bright snow into your life.

Free Crochet Snowflake Pattern

Use it, if you feel everything gets empty, when Christmas decorations are put away, or if you are living on the top of a mountain with no snow - or just want to prepare for next Christmas.

Snowflake on a Mountain - and at Home

If you follow me on instagram, you might already have guessed, that I've been on vacation with my family. We visited a mountain and there wasn't any snow, so I started a little snowflake up there. It might have been the first time, I've crocheted while being 1800 meter (~ 6000 feet) above sea level (if flying doesn't count).
We got home from vacation very late Monday and then woke up to snow outside. Hurray!

Size and Yarn

My first snowflake was 7 cm wide (2.8in). Using
  • 3mm hook (US 2½-C/D, UK 11)
  • Regular 100% cotton yarn (170m/50gram ~ 180y/1.76oz).
My next snowflake was 9.5 cm wide (3.8in). Using
  • 4mm hook (US 6-G, UK 8)
  • Himalaya Denim. 100% cotton yarn (140m/50gr ~ 153y/1.76oz).
I crochet them a little tight as for doing amigurumi and both snowflakes are rigid enough to stay in shape after being washed.

The Pattern

The written pattern should be beginner-friendly. I've added a few images to help you see, if your progress is similar to mine.


ch = chains
sc = single crochet
slst = slip stitch (slip stitch into the back loop of a chain)
() = repeat instructions within () as directed

Starting Rounds:
  1. 6 ch, join with a slst to make a ring.
    Crochet over the loose end to save yourself from sewing it in later.
  2. 18 sc around the ring, join with a slst. (image 1)
    Push the stitches a little, so they all fit in around the ring.
  3. (chain 5 'into the air', skip 2 sts, 1 slst in the next stitch.) repeat all around = 6 chain spaces around the ring. (image 2)
Crochet Snowflake ring
Crochet Snowflake chain spaces


  1. 3 sc around the next chain space.
    So you end in the middle of the chain space.
  2. ch 6, slst in the 2nd st from the hook, 1 slst in the next stitch, 1 slst in the next stitch.
    This is the actual spike and the first mini-spike.
  3. ch 3, slst in the 2nd st from the hook, 1 slst in the next stitch, 1 slst in the next stitch (the stitch already used once).
    This is one more mini-spike.
  4. Repeat line 6.
  5. 1 slst in the next stitch, 1 slst in the next stitch.
  6. 3 sc in the same chain space.
Make 5 more spikes by repeating lines 5-9.

Crochet Snowflake - spikes

Fasten off with a slip stitch into the next stitch. Cut the yarn and pull it through the loop. Use the cut yarn end for hanging up the snowflake.

You are done crocheting! A quick crochet project this one, right?

Washing (Blocking)

I didn't have to stiffen my snowflakes. I just washed and placed them on a flat surface and pulled a little at the spikes, till I was happy about the shape. Once dry, the snowflakes were fixed and ready to hang up.

Snowflake in the Window


Once, you have done one, you can make minor alterations here and there to get other types of snowflakes. I'ld love to see if you make the above or other versions. Tag me at instagram with @stonegnomedesign or show me at facebook.

Btw, I didn't have the pattern tested (except by myself), so please let me know, if you find a mistake or something is unclear.

And notice, that you are always more than welcome to share/sell any products you make from my patterns. For further information read about copyright and selling.

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