Fluffy, Fuzzy and Fur Yarn Tips

January 05, 2018

Fluffy yarn, fuzzy yarn, fur yarn or eyelash yarn. All of these long-fibered yarn types aren't always easy to crochet with. But, they look so fluffy and soft and kitten-like...

Fluffy and furry yarn tips

Here are a couple of tips for you, so you are prepared next time you find a fluffy or furry yarn.

No 1 Tip

My favorite tip for working with fur yarn and eyelash yarn, is to use another yarn as a guide. Find a smooth yarn in a matching color, but not exactly the same color. Crochet with the two strands together. The smooth strand is easier to see in the middle of all the fur. So, use that as a guide when you insert your hook.

use a smooth guide

It might be difficult to see in a photo, but it DOES help a lot. When I've worked with fur or eyelash yarn and wanted a tight structure - like for amigurumi - this has been the only thing, I needed to do.

No 2 Tip

Use a larger hook and let your yarn breathe! Maybe your yarn instinct automatically directs you towards a bigger hook, but for a lot crocheters it comes as sort of a surprise, how fantastic the fluffy yarn looks, when you use a very, very large hook. It doesn't only get easier to crochet with, but using a very large hook also allows the fluffy fibers to show off.

Mohair yarn, for instance, really has the ability of filling a whole room with fluffiness, if you give it enough space. An example of a pattern, that works well with a fluffy mohair yarn is the winter version of the 3-skein scarf pattern.

mohair bigger hook
The beginning of the 3-skein scarf using a mohair blend.

Btw. This tip also applies to yarn that is extremely airy, even if it doesn't point long fibers in all directions. Like Gepard Puno or Drops Air. Both of them are 'blow yarn' and that is the softest yarn ever. To use it well, find a soft structured stitch pattern - not something tight and knotty.

blown yarn
The air yarn might be too good for boot cuffs, but my boot cuffs are SO soft.

More Tips

There are other tips, that are nice to know too. Like:
  • Crochet into spaces rather than stitches
  • Use a light source behind your work when counting stitches
  • Relax, don't yank it
  • Frogging? Unravel one stitch at a time
  • Crochet in rounds and back loops only (makes the 'wrong' side the outside)
These other tips are from an eyelash yarn article at The Spruce and from Planet Junes Fuzzy Yarn Tips.

I hope all these tips made sense to you, so next time you find a fluffy yarn in a store, you know what to do with it.

If you want to show me a fluffy or furry yarn project of yours, tag me on instagram with @stonegnomedesign or post me an image at Facebook.

Have fun with your next fluffy project!

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