Double Honeycomb Mesh

June 29, 2018

Here is a new stitch pattern. The Double Honeycomb Mesh pattern. Use it for a triangular summer shawl or for a scarf.
Double Honeycomb Mesh Pattern

We took a break the other day and went to the beach. I grabbed one of my older ideas on the way out and got this little beauty for you.

The stitch pattern is somewhat advanced and I wouldn't recommend this to a crochet newbie. But, with just a little experience OR if you like filet crochet, then go for it.

Yarn and Hook

I used a 1.5mm hook (US 7steel, UK 2.5) and a thin yarn (216m/25gr or 236yrds/0.88oz). It doesn't have to be this thin. You can use something less thin too like 200m/50 gr (218yrds/1.76oz) and a 3-4mm hook (US D/3-G/6, UK 11-8) or likewise.

I suggest you make a little sample, using the description below. Then you'll know how to increase in both sides and whether or not you have the right yarn/hook size.

Stitch Pattern - Triangular Shawl

Before you start, have a look at the diagram below. It will show you that the rows are pretty rectangular when you work on the stitch pattern. (It is actually kind of filét crochet). As soon as you pull it a little it will fall into hexagon shapes.

Double Honeycomb Diagram
Notice the bent tc and the bent dc.

Btw. Don't worry, if your outermost double edge doesn't look perfect. Mine doesn't. When you are done, I suggest you make a border of single crochet stitches, where you insert the hook under both of the two outermost stitches.

US Terms
ch - chain
sc - single crochet
dc - doublet crochet (YO once before hooking into the next stitch)
tc - treble crochet (YO twice before hooking into the next stitch)

Special Stitches

Hooking into a chain. Whenever you hook into a chain, hook under two strings. EITHER into both front and back loop OR through the center of the V and under the bar on the back too. This gives you a more straight looking pattern.

Treble crochet increase. Just before you increase at the left side, you make a sc in the last (or first?) stitch of the previous row. After a few chains you will insert your hook into the same last stitch while making a treble crochet.

Double crochet increase. When increasing in the left side of the work, your last stitch is a dc. Hook into the tc right before. Insert your hook into the chainlike part of the tc that is closest to the hook. Insert the hook under 2 strings.

  1. Foundation: Ch 10. Do not make them loose. The tension should be the same as the tension in the rest of the stitch pattern. Turn.
  2. Ch 1, 1sc in the third ch from the hook, (ch 2, skip two, 1sc in each of the next 2 chains) x2. Turn.
  3. Ch3, dc in the next stitch, ch 6, skip 6 stitches, 1dc in each of the next two stitches. The last one might be tricky. Do you best it will be fine. Ch4. Turn.
  4. Ch1, 1sc in the third ch from the hook, (ch 2, skip two, 1sc in each of the next 2 chains) x3. Increase: ch 2, do a tc into the stitch you hooked into once already, do a dc into the tc (see special stitches).
  5. Ch3, dc in the next stitch, (ch 6, skip 6 stitches, 1dc in each of the next two stitches) x2. The last one might be tricky. Ch4. Turn.
Keep alternating between row 4 and 5. Do the things in the parentheses until you reach the end of the previous row.

When you have enough rows, make sure you stop after a row 4, so you end with a double edge.

Make a sc border all around your shawl and finish off.

Double Honeycomb Stitch Pattern

Have fun!

Other Versions

Want a Scarf?

You can adapt the pattern to a scarf by starting with a long row of chains. Making a sample first will help you figure out how long your row of chains need to be, to get the desired size of the scarf.

Brain Teaser

If you can't help yourself and want a little brain teaser, you can expand the stitch pattern. Don't use too heavy yarn for this.

Try to exchange all
  • sc with dc
  • dc with tc
  • tc with dtc (double treble crochet)

And everytime you are meant to make...
  • 2 chains, then make 3 instead
  • 6 chains, then make 8 instead
  • when you turn with 1 chain in the beginning of a row, turn with 2 chains.
  • when you turn with 3 ch, make 4 chains instead

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