Avoid an Ugly Slip Knot

March 17, 2017

This might be the tiniest advice ever, but wouldn't you like to get rid of the knot you get, when you start a new project?

You probably start with a slip knot and pull it tight. Then you have a little hard knot in the corner of your work. It doesn't add anything good to your work and can be difficult to hide - even if making a border - as it is always trying to run away and stick out.

The trick works for regular crochet as well as Tunisian. And it is really simple:
  • DON'T pull your first slip knot tight.
  • Use it to hook into - And count it as your first chain.


  1. Start your slip knot as usual.

    Starter slip knot
  1. Don't pull it tight. Keep it open as in the previous picture.
    Don't pull it tight
  1. Keep the slip stitch open, while you do your chains.
    Keep the starter slip knot open
  1. Hook into it, as you would to any other chain.

    Hook into the starter slip knot as any other chain
Now you can pull it tight, though not too tight of course.

Video Tutorial

Update June 2018: A video tutorial is now available. It shows two ways to hook into the chains and the loose slip knot. You will find the video and more tips in the blog post Make an Invisible Slip Knot.


Take a closer look at the anatomy of the knot to see where to put your hook. If you usually hook into the back bump of your chains, you should also hook into the back bump of the slip knot.
Have fun!

Look - no knot at the beginning of your work

UPDATE: This blog post has been updated June 2018.

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