Latvian Twist for Crochet

March 24, 2017

Latvian Twist - or Twisted Stitch Edge - is a knitting technique for creating a lovely border. I have seen knitters doing it, but never a crocheter. So I tried it, and you can use it, when you crochet.

It takes advantage of the natural curling of a crocheted work and it will also help you prevent the rolling of the rest of your work.


There are more ways to do the Latvian Twist. I'm showing you one way in the photo tutorial and a slightly different way on the video below. Choose whatever works better for you.

I made the starting chain and the first row in another color to make the edge more visible on the photos. That is of course optional.

Notice: I'm twisting the hook and yarn backwards - behind the work. You can also twist it the other way around - forwards.

For the samples I used Arwetta Classic and a tiny 3mm (US: C2 / D3, UK 11) hook.

 The back of your work will look pretty too, though a bit different.

Photo Tutorial

Start by creating 3-4 rows single crocheted rows. Turn your work and make 4-6 regular stitches before the first twist.
  1. Before you twist, hold the stitch you are about to hook into, so you can find it.
    Latvian Twist - before you twist
  1. Optional: Pull the yarn to your left, so you are sure you get that twisted as well.
    Latvian Twist - optional
  1. Turn the hook behind and under your work. Push the yarn around too.
    Latvian Twist - Twist your hook and yarn
  1. Hook into the right stitch.

    Latvian Twist - Hook into the right stitch
  1. Push the right side of your work AND the yarn end all the way around too.
    Latvian Twist - Twist your work and yarn
  1. So it looks like this. Notice your working yarn end.
    Latvian Twist - hook in to the stitch
  1. Finalize your stitch. In this case a single crochet.
    Latvian Twist - Finalize the stitch
  1. Stitch done.

    Latvian Twist - stitch done
Now make 4-6 regular stitches before you make another twist.

Video Tutorial

As mentioned above, there are more ways to do the Latvian Twist. The video here is a little different from the photos, but the idea is all the same.

Tunisian Twist

The twisting also works with Tunisian crochet. Tiny and tight work - like mine below - can be hard to do though, so try it with something more loose the first time.

Latvian Twist with Tunisian Crochet

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