Tunisian Knit Stitch - Left Side Increase

September 08, 2017

Learn how to make a nice Tunisian knit stitch increase at the left side (or right side, if you are left-handed).

Tunisian Crochet. Knit Stitch. Left side increase.

I'm experimenting with mitered corners and have developed a way to do the left side increase without it being too tight and knotted.

This is an advanced technique, though it doesn't prevent any Tunisian crochet newbies to learn this as well. It isn't difficult to do.


The video tutorial start at the bottom corner with a foundation row of just two loops. I use a no-knot solution, but that is optional. If you want to learn that too, read the article Avoid an Ugly Slip Knot.

The increase is done right before doing the left edge. You increase by using the two visible loops at the horizontal bar right before your last stitch (image #1). And I know they don't look horizontal at the image. I had to push them, to make them visible for you :) - If yours are not horizontal, just pretend. As long as you can find the right place to insert the hook.

Loops to use for the increase
Loops to use for the increase
Loops to use for the left edge
Loops to use for the left edge

When you make the last stitch, you reuse one of the horizontal bars (image #2).

This way of doing the increase and the left side, prevents any knots from showing too much.

Finally. Stretch the loops at the left side of your work a little, before starting a back motion/return pass. This loosens up the stitches, so the left side stays stretchy and soft like the rest of the knit stitch pattern.

It is probably easier to see in a video. It will show you all the steps and tips.

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