Russian Join

April 03, 2017

How do you join yarn for a color change - or if you need to add another yarn ball?

I don't like knots or sewing in ends. If I do amigurumi, I prefer to crochet over the yarn ends whenever possible. In almost every other case I prefer the Russian Join. To my experience, It can be used with most yarns and it blends in very well. I also use the Russian Join, if I suddenly find a knot in the middle of my yarn ball.

Photo Tutorial

Find a needle that fits your yarn. I prefer a sharp needle. A rounded needle might be more difficult to slip in the right places.

  1. Thread the needle with one of the loose ends and cross your yarn ends.
  1. Slip your needle into the same yarn end at least 5cm (2in) from the tail.
  1. Weave your needle in/out of the strands - or slip it into the middle of the strands*.
  1. Pull through till the other yarn end is caught tight. Practice makes better :)

Repeat with the other yarn end. Cut any extra yarn ends if needed (See the tips below).

*Two Weaving Methods

You can either weave your needle in/out or try to slip it into the middle of the strands.
In general, I recommend the slip-needle-into-the-middle method, as it gives you a very smooth result.

However, what method you choose, can depend on your yarn. A very light or different spun yarn - like the lime color in my sample - might NOT work well with the slip-into-the-middle method. It will require the in/out method.

You will know, what I mean, if you ever find a loose spun yarn and try a Russian Join on it.


  • Some like to untwist a yarn end a little before slipping the needle into it. If you have a hard spun yarn, it might help you.
  • When done, try cutting the yarn as much at an angle as possible. Or cut the different strands in the yarn at somewhat different lengths. Pull it out a little before you cut, so the ends are hidden, when you straighten the Russian join. This makes the blend-in work much better.

UPDATE - one more Tip

A few people told me they found that the work got bulky, where the join was placed. Of course there might be situations, where the Russian Join doesn't work well, BUT here's another tip for you that experience the bulkiness:

  • Pull your work tighter, when you use the part of the yarn that has been joined. It makes a difference on the bulkiness and after doing the next 1-2 rows, it should be practically invisible.

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