Enhance Your Sweater with a Top Stitch Rib Neck

October 18, 2016

enhance your sweater with crochet
Do you sometimes find that some of your clothes could use something extra?

I have this lovely way-too-big sweater. It is great for a rainy day, when you just want to stay indoor doing crochet. Only thing is; the neck is too open. So my chest gets cold.

Recently a clever girl on Facebook told me, I could use Tunisian Top Stitch as a rib. So I wanted to try that on my sweater.

First I made a foundation row of single crochet all the way round. I did my little test with pretty heavy yarn, so I made sure the single crochet stitches were big. I ended it with a slip stitch.

foundation single crochet

Then I did the Tunisian Top Stitch. In the first row I put he hook into both loops on foundation stitches. I did it as a spiral, so you will either need a Tunisian Crochet hook with hooks in both ends - with or without a string - or you can make one from a string and two crochet hooks.

Do the forward motion with one end of you hook and one end of your yarn ball. Do the back motion with the other end of your hook - and the another end of your yarn ball. Alternatively you can use two yarn balls.

ribbed crochet neck

Not Too Bad!

Hubby didn't fancy the color combo though. So I'll have to find another yarn for it. What a pity. I'm so looking forward to using my new sweater. Got to go yarn shopping... CU! :D

Thank you Dela for sharing the use of the Top Stitch as rib.

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