Smiley Sun Pattern

October 13, 2016

Crochet pattern Smiley Sun

A little Toy for Your Next Project?

Babies love smiley faces. This is a happy little sun that crackles when squeezed. The sun is loved by my 1½-year old girl as well as my 3-year old toddler. You can make it of leftover yarn.

It is perfect as a present for a baby shower. Make 3 of them and put them on a string and you have a stroller toy, the baby will love!

The Smiley Sun amigurumi pattern is currently available as part of a 3-piece package at LoveCrafts in Danish and English.

Or can be bought individually at Ravelry in both Languages.

Stitches: Only basic stitches are used.

Stroller toy

Size: It will be 7-8 cm (2.5-3 in) wide using very fine cotton.
Use heavier yarn for a bigger toy. With worsted weight cotton and a 5 mm hook (US-H/8, UK-6), the sun will be around 16 cm wide (6 inches).

Smiley Sun Stroller Toy

Thank you to my 3 patient testers: Janelle, Marg, and Julie!
Find other great crochet patterns on LoveCrafts.

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