Happy New Year

December 30, 2017

I hope you've had a nice Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year with lots of great crochet projects.

Handmade crochet hook

Hubby has been working on something for me these holidays with a lathe he set up. So yesterday, I had the pleasure to test a big handmade hook of mahogany. What a joy!
It isn't all finished yet, but it already feels very nice. It is around size 13mm (US: between N15-P16, UK: larger than 000). And I'm looking forward to more handmade hooks. Like a short crohook size 10mm (US N15, UK 000), that doesn't get stuck in everything all the time.

A New Year

Have you thought about, what your coming year will bring of crochet projects? I hear some have already started next years Christmas gifts. If you are among those crocheters, I hope you find time to make something for yourself too.

I always make lists. Lots of lists. Mostly for inspiration like my Pinterest boards. Other lists are more specific of certain projects, I want to do. This year, I'll try harder to have a maximum of 3-5 projects going on at the same time. Not all projects end happily. Some are discarded and some drown in the pile of other projects. If I work on less projects at a time, I hope it helps me finish more projects - and maybe also finish them faster. Which would be awesome, because finishing a crochet project is such a great feeling :)

Once again, have a happy New Year. I wish you a year with lots of great yarn involved.

Heidi aka StoneGnome

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