The Tunisian Top Stitch

August 25, 2016

It doesn't feel long ago since I discovered the Tunisian Top Stich - aka Bump Stitch. This certainly is my favorite Tunisian stitch of today.

Tunisian Top Stitch - Front Side

I've done minor testing on different ways to use it - like for ribbing - and I think the stitch has great potential. Meaning it can unlock new possibilities for Tunisian crochet patterns.

...Maybe someone already explored it more carefully, but didn't have time to write about it yet?! :D

Tunisian Top Stitch - Back Side

Well, I'll definitely be experimenting more with this. I have put one Tunisian Top Stitch pattern into testing and am just waiting for feedback from my helpful testers before the pattern is released.

Why all the fuzz?

As written above it is a Tunisian crochet stitch. BUT!! Very important! While Tunisian stitches normally give you a dense work, the Top Stitch is more of a lace stitch and is stretchy, not firm.

This is what a work of Top Stitches can look like. A light and soft scarf perfect for not-really-cold summer evenings or for a semi-warm day in spring or fall.

Tunisian Crochet Top Stitch Scarf 


I've made photo tutorials for the stitches plus written about how to make a ribbing. You will find the blog posts here:
If you prefer videos, Moogly has made an excellent Tunisian Top Stitch video.


Read more about the beautiful drapey scarf shown in the images on this page in the 3-skein scarf blog post or get directly to the pattern at LoveCrafts. The pattern is available in English (US terms), Danish and German.

If you prefer Ravelry, then find all 3 languages here.

UPDATE: This blog post has been updated as of May 2020

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