August 27, 2016

What to use for filling? I hear this question a lot from the amigurumi people in the Facebook groups I'm in. First: Make sure it can be washed, if you really need that.

Old or Cheap Pillows

Use a Cheap Pillow for FillingI regularly buy big cheap washable pillows and use their inside as stuffing. Usually it is polyester filling that can be washed at 40° C (104° F) .


There ARE different kinds of fill and they can react differently when washed. Some actually get clumpy, though it have been a while since I saw that last time. I do avoid older pillows though, because of that. If you are in doubt, try it out. Make a little bag or put some of the filling in a tight washing bag and wash it.

Amigurumi might Matter Less

If you are working on an amigurumi figure that is not supposed to be washed - but just wiped off once in a while - it doesn't matter. If you want it to be washed, check what type of amigurumi you have. Very often the figures are filled up a little 'over the edge'. Hence the filling might be so tight that it does not have room for odd behavior when washed. If you are working on more relaxed subjects, you should take more care.

Crochet Amigurumi Stuffing

Just think at amigurumi figures as kind of complex and hard stuffed pillows :)

...and while we are talking about amigurumis...

Crackling Paper

The best crackling paper is the one you get from yarn/fabric stores. No doubt about that, but if you are in a hurry or do not want to pay a lot of freight, here is another suggestion.

Plastic from oven bags are normally very good. Most types I know about crackles. Make layers of at least 3 and try to twisted and curl them, so the layers aren't laying totally flat. If it lays flat you don't get the full effect from it. Oven bags are also fine with (warm) water.

Make it Rattle or Whistle

Crochet Amigurumi Rattle Effect from Kinder EggsAny ideas for the whistle sound? You can buy excellent tiny plastic whistle thingies at most well-stocked yarn/fabric store. That is where I would go.

For a rattle effect though, you can use a little container, like the inside of a kinder egg and add something to that. When closed, it really closes tight and stays closed. The other day someone told me to buy cheap tiny bells and put them in the kinder egg. Best idea I've heard yet.

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