3 Skein Scarf

November 08, 2016

What type of scarf do you want? One pattern fits all desires.

3 Skein Scarf at Stonegnome

My newest pattern works very well for both a warm winter scarf and a light summer scarf. Plus everything in between.

The pattern is perfect for crochet beginners as well as more trained crocheters.

It is available on my designer page at LoveCrafts (in English/Danish/German) as well as in Ravelry.

At Least 3 Different Scarfs

The pattern includes 3 different suggestions of yarn and hook combos. This makes it easier for you to choose yarn, fitting your desires.
Summer Scarf Summer Scarf
Winter Scarf Winter Scarf

Top Stitch

The pattern is based on the Top Stitch (aka Bump Stitch), which is extremely fast to work with. And yes, it is a Tunisian stitch, BUT don't worry! The stitch is fully explained with lots and lots of images - just like a tutorial!! So as long as you know how to make a chain, you are good to go!

And please DON'T run off to buy a Tunisian crochet hook. A normal straight one will do very well.

Pattern Sneak Peek
 Pattern Sneak Peek

A Nice (New) Color Change

While developing the scarf, I had to figure out, how to make a smooth color change. I couldn't find any help online, so I had to figure out what to do. And I think it looks fine from either side of the scarf. I'm pretty proud of that!

So for experienced crocheters, this could be something new.

Crochet Top Stitch Color Change

Thank you to proofreaders and testers and to all of you that helped me find a name for this.


Check out all the other top stitch-related articles. Among others the article about the great top stitch ribbing.

UPDATE: This blog post has been updated as of May 2020

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