Double Cone Holder

September 14, 2016

I bought this yarn at Magical Yarns (Magiske Garner). It is rolled up on cones. I needed some way for it to turn, when I pull the thread. So it doesn't get twisted.

SO, what to do?!

A nice piece of wood. Two sticks and two holes. VOILA! I got my self a Double Cone Holder :) And the sticks can be pulled out, so it is easy to put in a bag and bring along.

My DIY Double Cone Holder

Of course. Afterwards I saw them in the online yarn shops. I've seen them at prices from $40-$95. They have a little plate around the stick, where the cone is placed for it to turn easier. But - well, at least with the current cones I have, it doesn't seem necessary. Mine works very fine!

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