Waistcoat Stitch and Stitch Patterns in Rounds

January 11, 2019

The waistcoat stitch is a lovely little thingy and you can make beautiful yet easy and fast worked stitch patterns with this. Let me show you.

Waistcoat stitch and stitch pattern tutorial

It is also called the crocheted knit stitch, the center single crochet stitch and the split single crochet stitch.

The Waistcoat Stitch - in Rounds

The stitch itself isn't difficult. Basically it is a single crochet stitch, where you insert the hook a little different. Below is what it looks like, when you are working in rounds.

Normally you hook in under two loops. When doing the waistcoat stitch, you insert the hook between the legs of the stitch in the previous row.

Insert hook between the bars

Make sure you insert the hook right before the bar at the back of the previous stitch.

Insert hook before the back bar

Remember these samples are worked in rounds.

Use a Bigger Hook

The stitch is kind of compact, so to keep a nice drape, you need a much larger hook, than usually. For the samples here the yarn asked for a 4.5-5mm hook, but I used a 6.5mm hook. An 8mm hook might have been even better for most of us. (In US the yarn asks for size 7-8, but are exchanged with size 10.5. Size 11 might have been even better).

Use a much larger crochet hook

Crochet Loose and Use the Hook Lip

To be able to insert your hook at the center of another stitch, you should crochet a bit loose. You can also use the lip/nose of you hook, but be careful not to pull one of the front legs or your stitches will look uneven.


If you need a video, see it all in the video here.

Stitch Patterns - in Rounds

As the waistcoat stitch is very low, it is excellent for stitch patterns, where you alternate with a chain without getting any big gaps between the chain rows. Using a soft yarn, this gives you a fantastic soft drape without any knots.

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Two of my favorite waistcoat stitch patterns are these:
  • (1 Waistcoat st, 1 chain). Repeat () all the way.
  • (2x Waistcoat sts, 1 chain). Repeat () all the way.
Crochet stitch patterns using waistcoat stitch

Try them out and
have great fun with this!

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