Evie's Fingerless Gloves

May 08, 2020

Here is a fast little pattern for you. Light and airy fingerless gloves.

The drape is great and the gloves are stretchy with a thin, rolled cord-like edging.

This blog post is updated October 2020

Get the Pattern

I've called the pattern Evie's Eternities - Gloves. The pattern might not be for very new crocheters, though it isn't very difficult. It is mostly text and includes helpful photos and a chart in case you like that. Currently, it is available at Ravelry and LoveCrafts - in English and Danish.

Jfyi. The gloves are part of a set, with hat, cowl, and the gloves. I expect to release the whole set later this month. Follow me to know, when the next pattern is out.


I made the gloves with Scheepjes Merino Soft Brush. Avercamp color. The 'Brushed' version is optional. I love the brushed versions, but check out all the color options you get with Scheepjes Merino Soft too.
I know some of the yarn shops are busy, busy. So if you want to try with stash yarn first, then choose another airy yarn and the gloves will be delightfully light and soft to wear.


A hook size 8mm (US L-11, UK 0). If you have a tapered one this might be good, but else try to find one that is sharp-pointed or at the least has a sharp nose/lip. I prefer the latter myself and use the nose/lip, when I insert the hook into a stitch.

Crocheting you own gloves


Annemarie Schmid helped me test this and enjoyed it. See her glove here. I hope you will enjoy it too :)

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