Infinity Scarf - Written Pattern

March 12, 2020

The Infinity Scarf is now available as a written pattern too.

StoneGnome Infinity Scarf

If you prefer a written pattern this now published at Ravelry and LoveCrafts. It's currently available in English and Danish. I've added a few supportive CHARTS to the pattern. They might make it easier to see how to do the flame stitch patterns.
And remember, you support my work when you buy either of my patterns.

Yarn Suggestions

I suggest you try a sock yarn with some flexibility for your first scarf. There are a lot of those out there. Find something with yardage around 210m/50gr (230y/1.76oz). 

If you want the pattern together with a yarn package, this is available at Search for StoneGnome and you will get THREE different yarns to choose from. All of these three are Scheepjes yarn:

Scheepjes yarn. Metropolis and Our Tribe

  • Metropolis.
    It comes in lots of colors and shades, so you can make your own fade of green, orange, red or blue just as you like. I would probably use a 5.5-6 mm hook with this.
    Have a look at the Metropolis color ranges here.
  • Our Tribes.
    The yarn is a very soft and airy yarn. Slightly hairy too. Check out all the solid colors and color-fadings you can get. And the yarn is airy but takes up the space between the stitches well. It would give you a great thin and drapey, yet warm scarf. I would use a 5mm hook with this. Notice it is 100gr pr ball.
  • Whirl & Whirlette.
    This is what I used. Littlebugz suggested I tried it and it is definitely a beautiful and very soft cotton-blend. There is an insane amount of colors in the yarn cakes. I love it! It is also a bit more difficult to work with, as it isn't flexible like the wool yarns often are. Cotton is better for cooler days or for those of you that are not too keen on the wool yarns. I used a 5mm hook here.

    See Whirls here and Whirlette here. As a Whirl is only 220gram you will need a Whirlette too. To figure out if a Whirlette can be used to extend a Whirl, check out Simy's guide to combinations:
Whirl and Whirlette

The videos from the CAL will stay available on my YouTube channel. At least for now, I'm not planning to remove them. :)

Have great fun with the pattern!

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