Dahlia Washcloths

October 11, 2019

The pattern for the Dahlia Washcloths is ready! Bring the Summer into your home with these delicious washcloths.

Soft Crochet Washcloths

Make them of very soft cotton and you will have the softest washcloths ever.

You find the pattern at LoveCrafts, Ravelry and also at LittleBugz as part of a yarn package. It is available in English and Danish. (At LoveCrafts, find the Danish version here).

About the Pattern

The stitch pattern is probably different from what most crocheters are used to. So, I believe there might be a little new to learn for some of you, no matter your current crochet skill level.

A few charts are added to support the written text and as usual, there are lots of helpful photos and tips included too.

AND - Gauge is not that important. Yeah!

Crochet Pattern Preview

What Yarn to Use

The pattern is made for yarn with yardage: 110-170m/50gr (120-186y/oz). Yardage is your choice! BUT, the yarn should be very, very soft and relaxed. Regular cotton yarn - like what is usually used for amigurumi - will be too hard and stiff to work well with the stitch pattern.

I had some eco yarn on my shelves that worked perfectly. This can be hard to find though. Littlebugz sent me DMC Natura - Just Cotton, which worked very well too. This is what I've used on the photos here.

Notice, Natura comes in an XL version as well. So, check the yardage, before you order.
Natura - Just Cotton. Yarn.

Yarn Package

Littlebugz has kindly suggested making a yarn package. Check the link to see it!
Littlebugz has this cute little gift box. 4 folded washcloths should fit nicely into a box.

Crochet Washcloths Folded

The Hook

You need a surprisingly large hook. Around 5-6mm (US H8-J10, UK 6-4).

I also strongly recommend a slightly sharp-pointed hook. Preferably a hook where the head is smaller than the neck. Alternatively, you can use the lip/nose of the hook to insert the hook into a stitch. I like to do that and I show you how to in the pattern.

Beautiful Crocheted Washcloths

Special Stitching - crochet washcloths - StoneGnome Design

Enjoy - and remember: You can share or sell all the products you make from my patterns.

This pattern is the second in a series of patterns, that uses the waistcoat stitch and exploits the soft and bendable result it can bring you. Different techniques are presented in the patterns.

The first pattern is Awa's Sweet Infinity Scarf & Cowl.

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