Tessa's Triangles - Hexagon Pattern

October 01, 2021

A cute little hexagon made with unusual stitches.

Tessa’s Triangles - Hexagon crochet pattern

Make one little hexagon and you have a coaster. Make more hexagons and you can make a bag and with a little patience maybe even a blanket.

Introducing New Techniques

Tessa’s Triangles hexagon pattern is an introductory pattern. Learning how to work these stitches is the key to more advanced patterns. Another pattern is coming up soon at StoneGnome.com. You might also get ideas for making some on your own after making the hexagon. 

Tessa’s Triangles is a free pattern and is available in English and Danish.

Get the Pattern

Get the pattern now in StoneGnome’s new Payhip store*, on LoveCrochet, or add it to your library at Ravelry.

*Payhip will ask for your email, but that is only to make sure you get access to the pattern.

Pattern update: The hook conversion in the written pattern should be hook size 5mm = US H-8, as stated in the video tutorial. 
If you are happy with using US I-9, then please keep using that.

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Tricky Parts

There ARE tricky parts in Tessa’s Triangles. Finding the right spot to insert the hook, when making waistcoat stitches in a round is probably new to pretty much all crocheters. It took me a while to figure out too.

Round 1 is tricky. So much is going on at the same time. Work slowly and take your time. 

Cheat tips to get you started.
  1. Make a one-colored sample to begin with.
  2. exchange the ws in rnd 1 with loose(!) sc*. (Make ws from rnd 2.)
  3. make chains instead of slip stitches.
* It will not give you a nice star in the middle.

Anita Reinehr did tech-edit on the pattern and suggested inserting a stitch marker between the legs of every stitch of the first round, to be able to find them. See her photo on Instagram.

Visual Learner?

To support the written pattern, a video is available. Some parts might be easier to do if you see how I do it.

Direct link to the video https://youtu.be/_uiaJC1xGgQ


Share your hexagons. Tag me on Instagram (with @stonegnomedesign) or Facebook (with @stonegnome), so I can see how far you get. Feel free to also tag me, if you run into trouble. Then I’ll do my best to help you out. <3 

Have fun with this.

Tricky Triangles Teaser

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