Christmas Crochet

November 26, 2022

It's time for Christmas Crocheting.

Christmas Ornament Patterns

Here are links to some free Christmas crochet patterns to you from StoneGnome.

Little ornaments are great to crochet and hang in the window or on a Christmas tree. They are also pretty fast to make, which is excellent if you have busy days or just need something easy to make.

I love the crochet snowflakes. They are small, bright, and last all winter as window decorations. And btw, there are two different versions. The second snowflake might have been hiding, so use the link below :)

I also love hearts; you can use them for more yearly occasions. And then of course the pretty stars. Very easy and relaxing to make.

Christmas Crochet Ideas

If you get into it and suddenly have a lot of crochet beauties, then use the crocheted items as part of your Christmas wrapping for a more personalized look and feel on the presents. Or make a tree branch mobile by hanging ornaments on a pretty curly branch from the garden.

Happy Christmas Crocheting!

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