A Very Merry Xmas to You

December 14, 2019

This December has been all about rain and rain and rain, so I've made a free snowflake pattern that pair up well with the one I made almost two years ago.

Free Snowflake Crochet Pattern

This is my X-mas present for you.

Yarn, Hook & Size

The pattern is designed for any regular cotton yarn that works with hook size 3-4mm (US D3-G6, UK 11-8). Make your stitches a little tight as if doing amigurumi. Thread and teeny-tiny hooks will also work.

I've tried both regular cotton yarn as well as Scheepjes Twinkle plus hook 3.5mm (US E4, UK 9). With the 3.5mm hook my snowflakes get around 8cm wide (3in).

Crocheted Snowflake closeup
Using Twinkle Yarn - click to see a bigger version

Yarn & Pattern Packages
Littlebugz.dk offers yarn packages including a ball of Scheepjes Twinkle yarn, a regular cotton yarn ball and both of my snowflake patterns as PDF files.

Have a look. I think Anette has a lot of color choices for you :)


ch = chains
sc = single crochet
slst = slip stitch
ch-sp = chain-space
** = repeat instructions within ** as directed

  1. Ch 6, join with a slst to make a ring.
    Crochet over the loose end to avoid sewing it in later.
  2. 18 sc around the ring, join with a slst.
    Push the stitches a little, so they fit in around the ring.
  3. Chain spaces.
    *Ch 5, skip 2 stitches in the ring, 1 slst in the next stitch.*
    Repeat all around = 6 chain spaces around the ring. (img 1)
Making Chain Spaces
  1. Spike.
    Hook into the bump at the back, when doing a slst in a ch. (img below)
    ch 1 (only before the very first spike),
    ch 8, slst in 2nd stitch from the hook, 1 slst in each of the next 3 st.
    ch 4, slst in 2nd stitch from the hook, 1 slst in each of the next 3 stitches too (make the last slst in the base of the 1st mini-spike, img 2), 1 slst in each of the next 3 stitches.
Hook in to the back of the chains
  1. Working into Chain-spaces.
    3 sc in ch-sp, ch 2, 1 slst in the 2nd ch from the hook (in the back bump), 3 sc in the same ch-sp.
Make 5 more spikes by repeating 4) and 5).

Cut a long yarn end and pull it through the loop on the hook. Use a needle to work the yarn into the spike once and then through the sc in the ch-sp, till you reach the middle of this.

Ta-daaa! You are done crocheting and sewing.


Block the snowflake, if needed. Use the yarn end for hanging up the snowflake.
My notes about the Twinkle yarn and blocking are in a separate blog post. Read on there.

TWO crocheted snowflakes - free pattern

Pattern in PDF

If you want a PDF copy of the snowflake patterns, they are available in English and Danish. I've already uploaded it to my designer pages at LoveCrafts and Ravelry and in a short time it should also be available from my designer page at Littlebugz.dk.

Before I forget!

A BIG Thank You to Janelle and Tina for proofreading!

Please Share!
More than 2000 people have downloaded snowflake pattern #1 and even more visited my snowflake #1 pattern page here at www.stonegnome.com since it was published.
Thank you all for sharing!!

Lately allym5 on instagram used snowflake #1 as decoration on her JUMBO Ornament. I love it! And the pattern for the Jumbo Jingle Ball Ornament is a FREE pattern as well. Check it out on Lizettes blog.

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