Display for Beaded Crochet Necklaces

January 20, 2023

Make an angel display for a crocheted necklace or a beaded crochet necklace. The display can be used for selling items at a market, if you attend an exhibition, or maybe for a special gift. 

Necklace Display - for Beaded Crochet Necklaces
I made the display in 2017 for an exhibition I was attending with other textile and yarn freaks; weavers, filters, knitters, and crocheters. I wanted to present my crocheted necklaces in a nice way.

UPDATE: Due to requests, this writing and the templates below have been updated in January 2023.

First, I found a template (and tutorial) at Georgia P Designs. There are cones for bracelets, a cone for a necklace, and a flat-back necklace display stand.

However, one of my necklaces comes with a tight bracelet. I wanted the necklace and the bracelet to be on the same display, which required the bottom of the template to be rather wide compared to the top of the template. Otherwise, the distance between the two would be too big.

After playing around for a little while, I ended up with a display shaped like angel wings. 
The files are available from my google drive. You can get a full-size copy from the links.

Make the printed side the back of your cone. The print on the template files is rather pale, so it doesn't show through the paper.

If you can't print close to the edges, you can shrink it a bit (your printer dialog should help you with this) - OR you can ignore the missing print at the margins. It should be fairly easy to guess where to cut. Use the dotted line as a guide for the front tip.

Necklace Display - Angel Wings

Carefully fold it, so the back flaps overlap with about 1cm (0.4in), and glue the part that overlaps.

I've used heavy 190g A4 paper with a very smooth surface, so I sewed a couple of stitches on the back to make the necklaces and the bracelet stay in place. I've seen others cover the display with wallpaper or likewise and I'm guessing a rougher surface will prevent the necklaces from slipping.

The Exhibition

The keywords for the exhibition in 2017 were to show some of the many different things you can do with yarn and textiles. It used to be an annual recurring event in Gudhjem Museum (Denmark, Bornholm). The last years have been hard on exhibitions due to lockdowns and restrictions, but hopefully, there will be more yarn and textile exhibitions in the future. 

I enjoyed the beaded crochet work a lot, so I might also need the displays again one day.

Links to Display Ideas

Here are a couple of other display ideas and templates in case you need something special.

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