A Little Christmas Heart

December 22, 2020

Let us end the year by being kind to ourselves and each other. I have a FREE little heart-shaped crochet love for you. 
Crochet a little heart with a crocheted string
Hang it on the Christmas tree, as decor for a present or just make one if you need a break during the holidays. 

A Little Heart Pattern

The lovely little crocheted heart is made in one piece, so you avoid the struggle of sewing on the crocheted string afterward.

It is just slightly different from this Valentine's heart pattern. The little heart starts with a simple row of chains instead of a ring. However, either way will work with both hearts.

I recommend a hook size 2-3mm (US 0-C/2) and a yarn with yardage 170-150m/50 gr. It's around 186-164yards / 1.76oz, called sport or similar.
The size of the heart depends on your yarn, hook, and tension. If worked loose, it can get almost 6 cm wide (1,5").

Abbreviations (US terms)
ch= chain
ss = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
2dc = Make two dc in one stitch (double crochet increase)
YO = yarn over

Chain 24.
Turn your work and work into the back bumps of the foundation chain row.

Tip: when you are about to hook into a stitch several times, the next stitch right AFTER might get pulled tight. Inserting a stitch marker here in advance can be helpful.

1) Chain 2 more.
2) Make 2dc in the third chain from the hook. (photo)
Insert the hook in the third chain (back bump)
3) 1dc in each of the next 3 stitches.
4) 2dc in each of the next 5 stitches (= increasing 5 times)
5) 1dc in the next stitch.

Middle top of the heart
Make a cluster stitch over the next 5 chains. It is like a heavy dc increase, where the 3rd chain is skipped. Keep the first stitch on the hook short and tight. Like this:

6) Begin the first dc in the next stitch: 
(YO, insert hook into next chain, YO and pull through the chain, YO and pull through two loops.) Now you have one extra loop on the hook.
7) Repeat line 6. Then you have three loops on the hook.
8) Skip the 3rd chain. Repeat line 6. Now you have 4 loops on the hook.
9) Repeat line 6. There are now 5 loops on the hook. (photo below)
10) Finalize your cluster with a YO and pull through all 5 stitches.

How to make the cluster stitch

The Crocheted String
The heart can be made without a crocheted string. Then skip this part and continue from line 11.

a) Tighten the last stitch just made.
b) Make a row of chains. 20-30. More if you want a very long ornament string.
c) Attach the string into the same 5 loops you worked through right before the chain row string. Like this: Keep your working yarn BEHIND the crocheted string and the work and insert the hook into the same 5 loops in the cluster once again (photo below). YO and pull through all loops on the hook. Tighten this last stitch.

Join the crocheted string to the top of the heart
Make the other half of the heart.

11) 1dc in the next stitch.
12) 2dc in each of the next 5 stitches (= increasing 5 times)
13) 1dc in each of the next 3 stitches.
14) 2dc in the same stitch as you did the very first 2dc (photo below). This might look a bit weird for now. Don't worry.

Last 2dc
15) Make a ss in the top of the very first 2ch (= the tip of the heart).

Sew In Ends
Align the inner parts of the heart, when sewing in the yarn ends. Work the initial yarn end into the inner tip of the heart and then back into the stitch, where it came out. See both images below.

Sew the last part together
Sew the last part together 2
Weave in ends back and forth, when weaving in back, then try to insert the needle in the middle of the yarn end.

Congratulations, you are done crocheting.
Wash and block the heart if needed.

Blocking adds a nice extra touch to a work. Hand wash the item and press out any excess water using a towel. Put the item on a flat table and shape it. Use pins if you prefer. Let the item dry while lying flat.

Different Sizes

The heart here is smaller than my Valentine's heart pattern. You can use the same way of making a string to the Valentine's heart, if you want a larger version. The two hearts also go well together.
Two crocheted hearts
I wish you happy holidays and a new year filled with love, yarn, and happiness.

Sincerely, StoneGnome

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