World Heart Day

September 29, 2022

It is #WorldHeartDay. The day to have a little thought about what you can do for others, for nature, and for yourself.

World Heart Day - free crochet pattern

Here is a new little heart pattern for you. Use it to remind you of what is important in your life and what makes you happy. ❤ 

Written Pattern

Use any yarn and hook that works for you. I used Scheepjes Catona and hook 3.5 mm (US E/4- UK 9)

(US terms)
ss    - slip stitch
ch    - chain
sc    - single crochet
hdc  - half double crochet
dc    - double crochet
[ ]    - all in the same stitch

Make a Magic Ring and chain 1.
Work 1st round in the Magic Ring.

Round 1 
3 dc, 2 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 2sc, 3 dc
Pull the magic ring semi-tight.

Round 2 
sc in the chain, (2dc in the next st) x 4, 
1 hdc in the sc, 1 hdc in the hdc,
[1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 hdc] in the dc, 
1 hdc in the hdc, 1hdc in the sc, 
(2dc in the next st) x 4, 
1 sc in the chain, 1 ss in the sc.

Pull the magic ring as tight as possible (don't break the yarn). Cut the yarn and pull at the last loop on the hook till the strand is free. Pull tight and weave in ends.

Pattern Chart

If you prefer a chart, then see below. I will post these on Instagram too. 

Round 1 starts at the red dotted line. Round 2 starts at the blue dotted line.


If you want more hearts, then check out my other small heart posts. I love hearts ❤

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