Infinity Scarf CAL #4 - The Final Border

March 06, 2020

This border is bold and flexible and can be used with all kinds of projects. It is also the 4th and final part of the StoneGnome Infinity Scarf.

Crochet a bold Flexible Border. Almost like an iCord.

I promised to show you the border today, but don't despair if you are still working on the flames stitch patterns.

The Final Border

The bold border is versatile and can be used with other stitch patterns as well. The border is as flexible as and very similar to the border we made at the beginning of the scarf. Though you might find it easier to do the border the way it is done here.

If you know about surface crochet, the border is kind of an extension to that.

Tip. This way of making the border can also be used at the beginning of the scarf if you skipped the two border rounds there and if you have more yarn left of the color you started the scarf with. Just turn the work upside down and find places to insert the hook. Make a slip stitch per stitch in the scarf.


When you hook into the previous round of the basic stitch pattern, then make sure you insert the hook as if you were doing another round of the basic stitch pattern. And make two rounds of slip stitches into the SAME stitches.

  1. Hook into a ws as if doing another ws.
    Hook into a single chain space, by inserting the hook under the chain (not into it).

    Do slip stitches all the way.
  1. Hook into the same stitches once again.
    You can make this round above or below the previous round of slip stitches.
    Push the previous round up/down to see where to insert the hook.

    Do slip stitches all the way.

Round 1 of the border
Round 1

Round 2 of the border
Round 2

Fastening Off

To fasten off, cut a long yarn end and insert the hook into the next stitch as if doing one more slip stitch. Yarn-over and pull the loop all the way through. Pull the yarn end out too.  
Sew in the ends.


Watch video #4 here.

Enjoy :)

I hope you enjoy working with the new stitch patterns and techniques. The written pattern is ready and will be released very soon.

Also, have a look at the other patterns I've made based on the waistcoat stitch. There are a couple of Dahlia Washcloths and a Dahlia Table Runner and Awa's Scarf and Cowl and there is more on the way, like a hat and blanket and so on.

Here on my blog, choose the Split Crochet theme on the menu to see more patterns made with the waistcoat stitch. Or see my design pages at Ravelry, LoveCrafts or Littlebugz.

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