Infinity Scarf CAL #3 - Shadowed Flames Stitch Pattern

February 28, 2020

Learn how to expand the Little Flames pattern and add shadows.

StoneGnomes Crocheted Infinity Scarf

Last time we did the Little Flames. There are many other ways of doing patterns with waistcoat stitches and chains, though. So, let's try one.

With a simple change, we can add a shadow to the Flames. In the Little-Flames pattern, the flames share a line - or column - of waistcoat stitches. Looking at the new stitch pattern, the flames are separated. By adding a little space between them, they don't share a line of waistcoat stitches anymore.

Shadowed Flames

This is a stitch pattern with repeats of 8 stitches. Use stitch markers to mark every 8th stitch, so you always know what you are working on.

IF the amount of stitches you have in a round is NOT DIVISIBLE BY 8, then you will need a solution for the last incomplete repeat. That is the stitches in a round that are left, once you've done the 8-stitches repeat a whole number of times.

If you have 4 stitches left, then maybe you will be able to skip the shadows and make the Little Flames pattern here. If you have less than 4 stitches left, then try the basic stitch pattern. This part of the scarf will look a little different then but hopefully blend in OK. The main thing is to not ruin the rest of the scarf.

Written Pattern

ALWAYS place a ws in a ws and NEVER in a chain. Skip chains if necessary, even if it doesn't say SKIP. This makes the instructions a lot simpler.

Part 1:2
  1. *ws, chain, (skip), ws, chain 2, (skip), ws, chain, (skip), ws, (skip)*.
    Repeat ** all the way.
  2. Repeat 1. Remember to make every ws in a ws and ignore SKIPs.
  3. Repeat 1.
  4. Basic stitch pattern. *ws, chain, (skip), ws, chain, (skip 2), ws, chain, (skip), ws, chain*.
    Repeat ** all the way.
Direct Video Link: [02:03] Part 1:2

Part 2:2

  1. *ws, chain, (skip), ws, (skip), ws, chain, (skip), ws, chain 2, (skip)*.
    Repeat ** all the way.
  2. Repeat 5.
  3. Repeat 5.
  4. Basic stitch pattern. *ws, chain, (skip), ws, chain, ws, chain, (skip), ws, chain, (skip 2)*.
    Repeat ** all the way.
Direct Video Link: [08:46] Part 2:2

Repeat part 1 and 2 throughout this part of the scarf. You can stop after making a round of the basic stitch pattern. That is after round 4 or 8.

How Many Rounds?

Work the new stitch pattern for almost 10cm (4inch), just as the first cable-like stitch pattern Little Flames. Do the basic stitch pattern from then on.

The last section of the basic stitch pattern should be as wide as the first you did when you started the scarf - OR - look at the total width of your scarf and stop when you reach the desired width.

The FULL Video

The Full video is available here and on the StoneGnome YouTube channel.

Take Your Time!

Next time will be about the final border and it doesn't take long to make. So, don't hurry with the Flame stitch patterns.

Btw. If you didn't make the initial border, when you started working on the scarf, then it is actually possible to use the final border at the beginning of the scarf too.

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