Infinity Scarf CAL - Introduction

January 31, 2020

The introduction is now available on YouTube. :)

See the video or read about the scarf here.

The Scarf

The scarf is lace-like and with cable-like patterns. At the borders, there is something like an i-cord. (It is not a real i-cord). It is very soft and 'drapey' and kind of reversible. At least the wrong side looks like cables too.

The stitch patterns are based on the waistcoat stitch. It is not always that easy to work with, so the scarf is an opportunity to make friends with the stitch.


The final size might depend on what yarn and hook you choose to work with. To figure out what yarn-hook-combo to use, you NEED to make a sample. There is no other way. Check out the video below and the notes about yarn and hook.

The size of the scarf I got was approximately 30 cm wide and 180cm in circumference (almost 12 x 71").

It's a pretty large scarf and can be wrapped loosely 2 times and tighter 3 times around your neck. Or you can wear it as a vest or a shoulder warmer.

A smaller version could be 25cm (10in) wide and 140cm (55") in circumference and you would be able to wrap it twice.

3 ways to wear an infinity scarf

Yarn & Yarn Usage

I used Whirl/Whirlette from Scheepjes, but a wool yarn or wool yarn blend might be a good choice for your first scarf. Because, a lot of the wool yarn and wool blend yarns - like sock yarn - is kind of flexible and this is helpful when you insert your hook into a stitch and if your stitches aren't perfectly even.

Try something with similar yardage. About 210m/50gr (230m/1.76oz). Light fingering or maybe fingering. You will need 250-300 gram - like 5-6 regular yarn balls for a big scarf and like 4 balls for a smaller version.

Buy different colors if you want a color fade like the one a whirl cake gives you.

Yarn Packages
If you need yarn for this CAL, has 3 different packages, where you can choose any colors.
During the CAL, the packages can be found on the CAL-page. Once the CAL is over, the packages will be available from my designer-page.


The hook should be relatively big. I worked with a hook size 5mm (US H8 /UK 6). As the hook is very important here, maybe 5mm doesn't work for you. Then try anything between 4-7mm and see how it goes. If you find a yarn-hook combo that works, when you do a sample, then stick with that.

Look for a hook with a relatively small head. A pointed head and/or a pointed nose/lip. It has to be easy to insert the hook into another stitch. Use the pointed head OR the lip/nose.

The VERY Important Sample

Make a sample. You need to practice the basic stitch pattern and you need to figure out if your hook and yarn work well together.

The first rows will feel very loose. After several rows, it should feel drapey and soft.

Make a Crochet Sample (a swatch)

The Basic Stitch Pattern - Sample Pattern

Make an even amount of chains. Maybe 40+.
Join with a slip stitch, for a ring of chains. Work into the back bumps of the chain row.

*Make 1 single crochet (sc), skip the next stitch*
Repeat from ** all the way.

Work in a spiral, so when you've reached the end of the round immediately continue on the next round by making the first waistcoat stitch in the first single crochet stitch.

*Waistcoat stitch, chain, skip*
Repeat from ** all the way.

Make something like 10 rounds, so you get a feeling of how your hook/yarn works for you and what the basic stitch pattern is like.

If it is A STRUGGLE(!) or if it gets too dense, find another hook/yarn. Or try to make your stitches a tiny bit looser.

Take your time practicing. Find the right yarn and hook combination.


See everything in the video here.


Next CAL release is on Valentine's Day 2020. We will work on the scarf. You will need your sample - made with the right yarn and hook, - plus measuring tape and stitch markers (or paper clips).

crochet sample, hook, measurement tape, stitch markers

If you need help, I'm available in the FB group: StoneGnome Crochet :)

BTW. Use #S_CAL if you want to show me your progress with the StoneGnome Infinity Scarf.

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