Infinity Scarf CAL - Invitation

January 24, 2020

The scarf is lovely, isn't it? If you want one too, join me for a Crochet-Along (CAL).

StoneGnome Infinity Scarf Pattern

I've made the first video recordings of how to make my StoneGnome Infinity Scarf and I will have an introduction ready next Friday.

I will make videos for every CAL release and write a blog post here as well.

The CAL plan

  • S_CAL #0: Introduction and sample. Friday, 31st of January.
    Don't miss it. It is like making a proper foundation row for a new project.
    I need to share some yarn and hook tips before you order yarn, so you don't get lost before starting. I'll also show you how to practice the basic stitch pattern and make a sample.
Then you have 14 days to find the yarn and hook you prefer for the infinity scarf.

  • S_CAL #1: Friday, 14th of February (Valentine's Day - of course <3 )
    Let's make the beginning of the scarf together.
    We will make the chain-row, the first border, and the first stitch pattern part.
  • S_CAL #2: Friday, 21st of February
    We will make the first cable-like stitch pattern and more rows.
  • S_CAL #3: Friday, 28th of February
    We will make the second cable-like stitch pattern and more rows.
  • S_CAL #4: Friday, 6th of March
    We will complete the scarf by making the last row and the final border.
Any questions during the CAL is welcome. That is why I do this :) You can ask me anywhere, but if you are on Facebook, you are most welcome to join the Facebook group, StoneGnome Crochet.

The Written Pattern

Updated March 2020: The written pattern is now available. Find it at Ravelry and LoveCrafts. It's available in English and Danish.

I've added a few supportive CHARTS to the pattern. They might make it easier to see how to do the flame stitch patterns.

Remember, if you buy the pattern, you support my work and you also get to save the tips 'n tricks I have for you.

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