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September 20, 2019

Sry for being so quiet. Here is a brief update.

I'm preparing brand new patterns and stitch patterns for you…

Testers' reactions vary from being confused/scared to being thrilled (most are somewhere in between and being happy). We can't have scared crocheters though, so I've been thinking a lot about what to do. Stay tuned for more.

Earlier this year a tester told me, I should have my patterns in a magazine. She is experienced and got some of her own published already. So I sent photos and a teaser to a magazine (not hers). I haven't got a reply yet. My mail might have gone in the looks-too-difficult pile.

Then the owner of LittleBugz called out of the blue. She wants to support me. Yeah !!
So far the collaboration has been all about her sending me yarn (hurrah!) when I have a design in mind - and then a lot of chatting about yarn, design and so. Not a bad deal, right?

Eventually, LittleBugz will make yarn packages for my designs. The new patterns will still be available at my Ravelry Shop and LoveCrafts Page (formerly known as LoveCrochet).

Just in case you wonder. Littlebugz might have sponsored the yarn but didn't sponsor my opinion nor this post 😊

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