About Scheepjes Twinkle Yarn

December 14, 2019

I've used the lovely Twinkle for my snowflakes and thought I'ld share a few notes with you.

Scheepjes Twinkle Yarn

Here are the main details:
  • The yarn weight is DK.
  • You get 130m of yarn per 50gr yarn ball. (142yds/1.76oz)
  • It is 75% cotton and 25% polyester.
  • They recommend hook 4mm (US G6, UK 8), but remember,
    the choice of hook size always depends on what you are making.
I used the baby blue color for my snowflakes. It is code 907.

I like the Twinkle yarn a lot. It is very, very pretty and soft. Of course, it gets more stiff, once you tighten all the stitches as for my snowflake pattern, but the beautiful glitter reflections are equally lovely to look at.

The sparkling effect is really difficult to see in photos. Cameras don't catch sparkling very well. I hope you can still get the idea from the photos here, especially at the darker corner.

Seeing the glitter in the yarn

The Twinkle yarn might be slightly more tricky to work with, as it can be harder to find the right place to insert the hook when making tight stitches. I'm pretty sure it will not be an issue if you have loose stitches. Like if you make a piece of clothes or maybe doing Tunisian crochet stitches.

Anyway, it is definitely worth it, when making snowflakes. I'm very happy with mine.

Blocking the Sparkling Snowflakes

With regular cotton yarn, blocking isn't always needed, though I prefer to do that anyway as it adds a little extra to your work. When I tried the Twinkle yarn on the snowflake pattern, they definitely needed blocking.

blocking glitter yarn

No matter what yarn I use, I handwash my items carefully and roll them in an old towel, removing excess water. With the Twinkle yarn, don't remove too much water!

Put your items on a flat surface. Adjust all spikes and lines until satisfied. Then it is just a matter of waiting for it to get dry. You can use a styrofoam board and needles if it works better for you. Just make sure the needles tolerate the moist.

I hope these notes are of use to you.

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