Twisted Stitch Pattern

September 22, 2017

Here is a nice and easy-to-do Tunisian stitch pattern for you. It is one of my favorites and I rarely see other using it, which is a shame. Try it, you might love it too.

Twisted Stitch Pattern

I also have a little workaround for you, that helps you close gaps in the left side of your work

You should know the Tunisian Simple Stitch already, as this is usually the first Tunisian stitch you learn. If you need to look it up, check out Moogly's Get started with Tunisian Crochet for beginners.

A Twisted Simple Stitch

When you do a regular simple stitch, you insert your hook from the right to the left - behind the vertical loop from the previous row (and vice versa if you are left-handed).

Doing a twisted stitch you insert your hook from left to right. Use the lip/nose of your hook, if it suits you.
Twisted stitch. Left to right

Turn the Hook Away

In this version of the twisted simple stitch I want you to turn the hook lip against your work (away from you) and up, before you yarn over. The video below shows what I mean.

Another version of the twisted simple stitch is to turn the lip down and towards you and then yarn over. Kim Guzman was so kind yesterday, to warn me about the difference, as the two stitches are VERY different! You can see another version in this video on Kim Guzmans website.

About The Stitch Pattern

The stitch pattern is based on alternating the Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss) and the special Tunisian twisted simple stitch (twTss) explained above. Btw. The latter is sometimes called a slanted stitch. JFYI, it is not to be confused with the Tunisian slanted fabric, which is something else.

I've talked to fellow crocheters about this stitch, to find a name for it and the correct abbreviation.

Valentina has seen it mentioned 'Tweed Stitch' (thx Valentina). I haven't been able to get that name confirmed elsewhere though, so, if you know the name - or maybe another name for the stich pattern, I would love a comment below.

There are at least one more abbreviation for the twisted stitch, than what I use here. ttss (thx David). Just so you know if you stumble up on it elsewhere.

Written Pattern

I always do the last stitch as a special Tss, where I insert my hook behind TWO vertical loops, to create a nice left edge. I'm calling it Tss-end here.

As a written pattern the stitch pattern looks like this:
  1. Tss, twTss, Tss, twTss... Tss-end
  2. twTss, Tss, twTss, Tss... Tss-end
Repeat row 1 and 2, so each Tss is on top of a twTss and vice versa.


A chart should look like this:
Twisted stitch. Chart

If you want to see it on video, then tune in at this YouTube video.

Tip: Closing Gaps

As much as I like this stitch pattern, I dislike the huge gaps at the left side of the work (right side, if you are left handed). The gaps comes naturally as the twisted stitch pulls everything more to the right.

Luckily there is an easy work-around for closing these gaps. When you do the back motion/return pass, then skip the first yarn-over-pull-through-ONE-loop (the chain) and do yarn-over-pull-through-TWO-loops instead.

You can use this method on all rows or just the rows that ends with ...twTss, Tss-end. Whatever works for you.

This tip is also mentioned in the video.


Enjoy and have fun with the stitch pattern. If you make something from it, I would love to see it. You can drop me a note here or at Facebook.

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