Colored Twisted Stitch Pattern

September 29, 2017

Wow! The rarely used twisted stitch pattern looks fantastic using more colors! I didn't even realize that until Chanette asked for more colors...

Add Colors to the Tunisian Twisted Stitch Pattern

I'll show you, how you add more color to this stitch pattern row by row.


You will need a double-ended hook - If you don't have one, then don't worry! You can probably make one from the ones you already have. Tape a short piece of string to the end of two hooks. See here how to do that.

Make your own double-ended hook

Your hook can have a cable or no cable. Both types will work. Just make sure your have the same size hook in both ends. (If the hooks are slightly different in size, it might work for you anyway. Use the biggest hook for picking up loops.)

Working in Rounds

The colored stitch pattern is very easy to do in rounds. You simply add loops to the hook in one color and in one end of the hook. Then turn your work and use the other color and the other end of your hook to finish off each of the stitches. Don't think, just try it, if you haven't already :)

Keep going like that. Round and round and round.

Make a beautiful (infinity) scarf and show me on facebook :)

Doing Rows

Doing rows are a lot more difficult. The trick is to be able to work at the 'wrong' side of your crocheted piece. I'm doing that once in a while and the twisted stitch pattern showed extremely fit for this technique.

Colored Twisted Stitch Pattern

Therefor I have created a video that shows you my technique. And please be aware that it DOES take some time to get used to working like this :) Once you get it, you can use it for A LOT more that just this stitch pattern.

I've tried my best at doing everything slow in the video and to show all the steps more times. I would love a comment here or at YouTube, if you like the video or try the technique.


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  1. Love the video; my only comment would be that it would be a lot easier for a beginner to know how many stitches you cast on and whether it's best to work in even or odd stitches.

    1. Thx. You are right, a beginner might like to know what is easier. My best advice would be to learn what the stitches look like. Then you’ll know what to do no matter if you work with an even or an odd amount of stitches.


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