Front Post & Back Post Crochet

December 22, 2016

Crochet Basket Weave Pattern
Front Post and Back Post crochet stitches add a nice relief effect to your work.

Among others you can use them to make basket weave stitch patterns, cable-work and ribbed stitch patterns. The ribbed stitch patterns even comes with a little flexibility.

(If you want a very flexible rib, look for The Top Stitch Rib post here).

The Front Post DC

Crochet Front Post Stitch
Front Post Double Crochet (FPdc) is very similar to double crochet (dc). The only difference is that you work it into the vertical bar of the previous stitch instead of the top loops. You enter your work from the front - the side facing you. Use that to remember the name Front Post.

Be sure you put the hook below the half hidden loops at the top of the previous stitch.

FPdc Tutorial

Start with a base row of dc.
  1. Yarn over (YO).

1 Tutorial Front Post Stitch

  1. Insert the hook behind the vertical bar. Enter from the front.
2 Tutorial Front Post Stitch

  1. YO and pull through.
3 Tutorial Front Post Stitch
  1. Finalize the stitch as you would do with a usual double crochet:
    YO and pull through 2 loops.
    YO and pull through the last 2 loops.

Your work now shows a raised stitch. The more you do, the more prominent they get.

Back Post

A Back Post Double Crochet stitch is made similarly to the Front Post Double Crochet. You just put your hook around the vertical bar from the back of the work instead of the front.

Single/Treble Crochet

There are other versions than FP/BP double crochet. You can make BP single crochet or BP treble crochet and so on.

Stitch Height and Structure

The FP/BP stitches are not quite as high as normal stitches, as their 'feet' are placed further down the work than usual. Take this into consideration, when you design your own garments.

The structure of Front Post/Back Post stitches can also add a structural capability to the work. I use that in the Mini-Tube Scarf pattern.

Ribbed Stitch Pattern

If you want to use this stitch for a ribbing. Read Overview: Ribbing Stitch Patterns

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