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November 01, 2016

Use the Perfect Stitch Marker

Once in a while you work on something, were you need to count and count and count. Most of the time you are counting rows and sometimes you need to make sure, you do the increase/decrease or color change in the right place.

FYI: You don't need to count the same rows again and again.

Stitch Markers?

Stitch Markers vs Clips
What you need is a stitch marker. And I have to be honest. I most cases the best marker I know, is a piece of yarn.

Some prefers a little plastic thingy, looking like a padlock. If that works for you, be my guest. If so, consider using clips as well.  :)

One VERY good place to use a plastic stitch marker is in the end of a row, if you have a stitch pattern, where it can be difficult to find the last/first stitch.

Use Yarn

I recommend using light colored cotton yarn or any other similar semi-smooth yarn as stitch markers. Semi-smooth yarn, so it doesn't get tangled up in your work. Save and use scrap yarn, you want to trash anyway.

Here are som advantages of using yarn as stitch markers.
  1. It doesn't make holes in tiny crochet work.
  2. It can be easier to see than you primary yarn.
  3. You can make it go horizontally and vertically if needed.
  4. You can let it stay, till you are completely done.
Add 1
I like to crochet with thin yarn. A couple of times, I experienced my work getting uneven, as the stitch marker was too thick. Then I stopped using them.

Add 2
When you work with very dark or fluffy yarn, it might be easier for you to spot the stitch marker yarn.

Stitch Marker on Dark or Fluffy work
Add 3
You can use it for easily counting rounds, rows and/or number of stitches in all directions (image below). I always use it, when I crochet in a spiral. I do that to know, when I've started a new round. Following patterns, you can also use a separate piece of yarn to mark a spot, where the pattern says: "put eyes here later".

Stitch Marker in the Round
Add 4
You probably got plenty of scrap yarn, so no need to remove it from your work, till you are completely done. And maybe even let it stay, till you are done with the OTHER leg of that amigurumi figure, you are working on. That way it is easier for you to check, what you did on the first leg.

Extra Tips

  1. Use different colors of yarn as stitch markers in the same project. Use red for the first 10 rows, then blue for the next 10 rows etc.
  2. Be persistent. Decide to add the stich marker in front of the loop on the hook - right BEFORE you start a new row - or whatever you decide to do.
  3. Tie a knot on your stich marker yarn, if you need to secure it from curious little fingers or paws. Use a longer piece of yarn that can be wrapped all the way around your hook or briefly take the loop of the hook, when you want to place your stitch marker. Cut off the yarn, when done.

Stitch Marker with a Knot

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