Tunisian Reverse Stitch - Sides

April 11, 2018

Sometimes it is difficult to join or sew two pieces together and make it look good.

Tunisian Reverse Stitches - The Sides

If you have ever considered working with the Tunisian Reverse Stitch, you might want to read along here.

I've worked a lot with the Tunisian Reverse Stitch (TRS) lately. It doesn't curl much and I love it having a bumpy look, without being dense. Using more strands make the stitches look even fluffier, and if you make sure, your hook is large enough, you can keep the very soft structure.

Sewing the Sides

A Tunisian reverse stitch pattern has one drawback though. The sides. I have always found it difficult to sew any pieces of TRS as the sewing mostly looks awkward. The lovely bumps are missing.

The left side has a solution presented years ago. Kim Guzman shows it in her video tutorial of the Tunisian Reverse Stitch.

For my latest pattern 'A Square Bumpy Hat and Tube', I needed a solution for BOTH sides. And I worked one out for the right side. It isn't perfect, but works well, if you need to sew a side seam. When you fold your work, the sewing blends in pretty good.

As Sharing is Caring, here is my version of Tunisian Reverse Stitch sides, where you work the last two stitches off the hook at the same time, like this:

Return pass.
  1. With 3 loops left on the hook, yarn over and pull through all three loops.
  2. Chain one. Don't tighten it too much.
Forward pass.
  1. Do a TRS in the second vertical bar (as usual). It might be a little difficult to find
  2. Continue with TRS all way.
See the video tutorial of how it works.

Video Tutorial

I hope this is useful for more people than me. If you know of an even better solution, please let the rest of us know too :)

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