Square Bumpy Hat and Tube

April 18, 2018

My latest pattern is now available. The hat and tube are square and are very light, despite the bumpy, fluffy look.

Square Bumpy Hat and Tube

It was my 3-year-old daughter, that requested the hat.

You will find the English version at LoveCrafts (cheapest, due to fewer fees) or Ravelry.
The Danish version at LoveCrafts is here. Ravelry also has a Danish version (use link right above).

The pattern is mostly made from the lovely Tunisian reverse stitch (TRS). If you are a beginner to Tunisian, this is a stitch, you must know, as it gives you a different, but GREAT structure.

If you are an experienced crocheter, the pattern includes a new workaround for making prettier sides and how to join them. Some of which are also part of my previous blog post: Tunisian Reverse Stitch - Sides

The hat is worked with 3 strands, which makes the bumps extra fluffy, without being dense.
Furthermore, this is a relatively fast project, as it calls for a hook size 10mm (US N/15, UK 000).

Bumpy Hat and Tube

Bumpy Hat and Tube


Thank you to my testers! I know, how busy you sometimes are. Yet, you still managed to give me important feedback.

About Copyright and Selling

FYI. You are most welcome to sell or donate all the products you make. It is only the pattern (the written instructions) and my images that are copyrighted. Read more about copyright here.

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