Rebuilding the House

April 30, 2018

We are going to renovate our old farm house.

Renovating old farm house

So, the white toilet/bath wagon thingy will be an important part of our family life the next many months.

We start by tearing down kitchen, utility room and bathroom. Meaning, I might not bother you that often with new crochet posts, while all this is going on.

Kids are brave and have been really helpful packing boxes. I'm a little worried today, as it isn't easy to find an alternative place for the stove, plus the washing machine decided to die yesterday. We do have a fridge though - for now.

With a little luck, I'll have a hobby/yarn room, when all this is over.
And most importantly. I'll do my best to ensure, no yarn gets hurt during the house project :)

Heidi aka StoneGnome

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