Smiley Moon

August 03, 2017

A new pattern is out. A cute little Smiley Moon.

The Smiley Moon has actually existed for quite some time. Now it exists as a written pattern too. Find it at or Ravelry.

The first pattern I published was the Smiley Sun pattern. So I thought it would be great to finally add a friend like the moon.

The Smiley Moon is a very easy little project, that doesn't take long to make. Perfect for a stroller toy or for a personal baby gift.

I made mine from very thin yarn - like a thread 10 and a 2mm hook, and my moon is around 7cm (2.5in) tall.

However, you can make it of any yarn you want. If you use worsted weight cotton and a 5mm hook (US: H-8, UK: 6), the moon should be around 14cm (5 in) tall. Or you could make a little pillow out if it, with a bulky or super bulky yarn.

Pattern Link

Use either of these links to get to the pattern: Smiley Moon at
Smiley Moon at Ravelry (also in a Danish version).

Make a sleeping side and an awake side


I hope you like the pattern and I would love to see, what you make from it. Show me at facebook or at instagram by tagging @stonegnomedesign.

UPDATE: I've been asked about the pattern for the little sun. You can read about it here. Direct link to the pattern can be found here:
Feel free to do as you please with all the products you make from this pattern.
You can sell or donate finished products, if you like. This applies to all my patterns!

If you want to share a pattern with a friend, links back to here are very much appreciated. More blog visitors make it possible for me to make more patterns for you.

My photos as well as the pattern itself are copyright protected though.
Copying in any form is not allowed without my permission*.
*Jfyi: I'm likely to let you use a photo, if you have a good reason for it, so don't hesitate to ask.

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  1. Hi, cute! Where do I find the pattern for the Smiley Sun?

    1. Thx! I've updated the blog post and added links for the Smiley Sun. I hope this helps?