Save Plastic Bottles for Crochet Projects

April 11, 2017

I've started to collect plastic bottles. I save those that have been used for vinegar. I found out, they are pretty easy to cut into different shapes - and they can be washed.

Save Plastic Bottles for Your Crochet Projects

So hubby, please bear with me!

I wash them and leave them open till they have air dried. Then they just sit tight and wait for me. I use this for cutting them:
  • thin pen/marker
  • sharp knife
  • scissors
  • cutting board
  • optional: fine sandpaper
  • optional: something to draw around; coins, a tape roll or likewise.

When I cut them, I start by cutting off the neck and bottom as these parts of the plastic are very thick and hard to work with. If I want really smooth edges after cutting, I'll use sandpaper.

I use a permanent pen. Most of it can be wiped off afterwards. At least on the plastic I've got.

Tools for cutting Plastic Bottles

Inspiration - Plastic Ring Projects

Plastic rings seem to be one of the more popular items to crochet over. But there are of course no limits of what you make from the bottles.

Recently on Pinterest I saw some beautiful bags made by crocheting around plastic rings.

NOTE: Be careful when you click the links for the bags. One of them (dark classic style bag) leads to a page at, which - at the bottom - asks you to click on yet another link for full details. I didn't get into trouble, but my browser warned me, that the scripts on that last page were insecure.

Other great plastic ring projects I have seen are:

My fluffy version of an Easter Bunny
My fluffy version of an Easter Bunny

The links above are for your convenience. As you see, not all the links are for patterns. Some are for inspirational images. Google and Pinterest can give you more ideas or maybe you already got a brilliant idea of what to make? :)

Make Rings from Plastic Bottles to Crochet over

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