Junior Egg

March 30, 2017

Meet Junior Egg. He likes to sit in his nest of yarn - or hang from a twig or a tree. The Junior Egg pattern is free!
Easter Crochet pattern - Junior Egg
About 10 days ago the kids and I played with paper and cardboard and we came up with an egg with legs because it was pretty easy for me to draw and cut out, while the kids put colors on the legs and glued them on the eggs.

Then I thought. Why not make a crochet version? So, her it is :)


  • Hook size 2mm
  • Scissors
  • A long piece of scrap yarn to use a stitch marker
  • Filling


I used a yarn called Ideas Daily Cotton 8/4. - 170m/50gr ()
A tiny bit of white and orange. Try other colors as well.

Spiral Note

The egg and leg starts as a spiral. There is no need to end each round with a slip stitch. Put your stitch marker in place, when a round is done and continue on the next round immediately. Then you’ll always know what round you are working on.

Abbreviations (US terms)

  • ch = chain
  • sc = single crochet
  • inc = increase. Make two sc in the same stitch.
  • dec = decrease. Work 2 sc together.
  • 3dec = decreasing by working 3 sc together.
  • ** = repeat instructions between asterisks as many times as directed – OR throughout the round/row.
  • [] = the amount of stitches in a round or in a row.

Junior Egg Pattern

Work in a spiral.
  1. Begin with 5sc in a magic ring. Pull tight. - [5]
Increase with 10 sc in each round like this:
  1. inc every stitch all the way - [10]
  2. (inc, 1sc) 5 times - [15]
  3. (inc, 2sc) 5 times - [20]
  4. (inc, 3sc) 5 times - [25]
  5. (2sc, inc, 2 sc) 5 times - [30]
  6. (inc, 5sc) 5 times - [35]
Work straight up now – no increases.

Round 8-15. (8 rounds in total) 1sc in each stitch - [35]

Start decreasing to make the top of the egg.

  1. 1sc, (dec, 15sc) 2 times - [33]
  2. (9sc, dec) 3 times - [30]
  3. (4sc, dec, 4sc) 3 times - [27]
  4. (7sc, dec) 3 times - [24]
  5. (3sc, dec, 3sc) 3 times - [21]
Start filling your egg. Fill a little more after the next couple of rounds also if needed.
BTW: Now is time to decide what side you want to be outwards. I like the back of the work as you might have noticed ;)

  1. (5sc, dec) 3 times - [18]
  2. (2sc, dec, 2sc) 3 times - [15]
  3. (1sc, dec) 3 times - [10]
Remove your marker. The closing off is not worked in full rounds.

Closing Off the Egg

  • (3dec) 3 times. [4]
  • Skip one stitch and slip stich into the next stitch.
  • Cut a long yarn end and pull through your loop. You can use this yarn end for hanging the egg on a twig.
- - - - -


Work in a spiral.

Foundation: Ch 5. Slip stitch it into a ring. – [5]

1-6) Sc all the way for 6 rounds.
7) Toe: Ch 4 right into the air.
8) Use the back bumps of the chains. Skip the first and slip stitch into the next three.
9) Slip stitch into the middle of the foot.

10) Toe: Ch 4 right into the air (as in row 7).
11) Slip stitch 3 (as in row 8).
12) Slip stitch into the left side of the foot.
13) Toe: Ch 4 right into the air.
14) Slip stitch 3 (as in row 8).
15) Slip stitch into the side of the foot again.

16) Cut a long yarn end and pull the yarn end through the slip stitch.

Now also pull the yarn through the leg, so both yarn ends are at the top of the leg. (Find the nearest ’hole’ to pull it through. Use a needle or your hook).

Make another leg.

Sew the legs onto the egg. Place them somewhat on the same side. ’Fold’ the legs, so the toes point forward and the ’knees’ are slightly bend.

Enjoy your Junior Egg!

Free crochet pattern - Junior Egg

Thank You

Thank you to Sofiia Norah Rasmussen for helping me test this with a short, short notice :)

My photos as well as the pattern itself is copyright protected. Copying in any form is not allowed without my permission.

BUT feel free to do as you please with all the products you make from this pattern. You can sell or donate finished products, if you want.

If you want to share the pattern with a friend, links back to here are very much appreciated. More blog visitors might make it possible for me to make more patterns for you.

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  1. What cute Easter gifts these would be. Instead of coloring real eggs, I'll give these out with fabric markers to decorate. Thank you!