Another kind of Reverse Stitches

September 28, 2023

Most of us cannot crochet with both hands. Though sometimes it would be useful to be able to.

Another kind of reverse stitches

When I made wings for a pumpkin (yes, for a pumpkin, a Halloween pumpkin), I wanted the reverse side of the second wing to look like the front side. Including the small ridges. 

Updated September 2023

It would have been great if I could have worked the second wing with my left hand. Then it would truly be 'mirrored' versions of the same item.

There is an alternative. In Tunisian crochet, there is something called 'reverse stitches'. Reverse stitches in the world of regular crochet are usually related to stitches like the 'crab stitch', where you crochet in the opposite direction (right-handed work from left to right).

However, with Tunisian crochet, the reverse stitches are not made in a different direction but on the reverse side of the work.

All you do is

  • Position the yarn in front of the hook and your work. 
  • Then, insert the hook from BEHIND the work into the regular stitch. 
  • Yarn-over, pull up a loop and complete the stitch as usual.

Regular crochet - reverse stitches
This is really all there is to it, and it can be done with regular crochet too.


If you prefer a video to see how it can be done, then I made one for you here.

Try it. Practicing reverse stitches is just like learning any other new stitch. It might seem uncomfortable in the beginning, but then it gets easier and easier until it feels like a piece of cake.


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